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RUSH: Let me simplify this DACA business or DACA, as it’s called. Again, it’s the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals. I’m looking for the Jeff Sessions sound bites. What number did I tell you those are? Right. Have those standing by. Here’s the deal, folks. The same Republicans who refused to pass a DACA-like bill when Obama was in office, which forced Obama to do the executive action — remember, now, this is when the train loads of all of these kids are arriving. You remember this?

I mean, it had the nation roiled. It went on for six months and it ended up being 800,000 kids. I remember being suspicious of it from the get-go. How many parents like this would literally put their single-digit-age kids on a train all the way up from Central America through Mexico, all the way to the United States, with an unknown awaiting at the arrival? Who would do this? I don’t care how culturally rotted we are, that kind of thing still seems a bit beyond the pale. Yet it was happening. It was happening in droves. And the Obama administration seemed excited about it and eager.

They were forgoing being processing. They were just being taken off these trains, essentially, and placed in homes all over the country. And, remember, all this taking place under the auspices of the Democrats’ grand plan of amnesty, total amnesty for all illegal immigrants in the country at the time. Remember, now, we’re talking 2007, 2008, ’10, ’14, any number of years during the Obama administration, this was the dream of the Democrat Party because there is your permanent underclass. They need a permanent underclass of always-dependent people ready to keep voting Democrat in order to keep the dependency coming.

And the Republicans were not cooperating. They refused to pass a bill that essentially does what DACA does: Let the children, illegal alien children of a certain age stay once they get here. The fact that they refused to pass the bill is what forced Obama into doing the executive action that led to these kids becoming DREAMers. And of course you have a name like that, how could we deny the DREAMers? How do we kick out the DREAMers?

Now, the same Republicans who refused to pass a bill like this when Obama was in office are many of the same Republicans who now want to preserve it, who want to rewrite it in order to save the children. And they’re doing it for two reasons. They’re doing it because they want to get on the same page as the Democrats are. The Republicans would love to be thought of as compassionate. The Republicans crave being thought of like the Democrats are, compassionate and open-minded and nice understanding. Republicans are tired of being thought of as a bunch of people that want to starve kids.

So now that there is a chance, Trump has thrown the bill back to Congress. “Okay, you guys have at it.” They want to preserve it as it is, rewrite it as it is to save the children, which puts them in alignment with the Democrats, which will then have the added benefit of increasing voter registration for Democrats, and all of this in opposition to Trump simply because Trump cannot be permitted a victory, especially over something like this.

Milton Friedman, the great economist, said it’s just obvious that you cannot have free immigration and a welfare state. Now, the left and all of their members, the left says we must have open borders. And they give as their reason social justice, and it’s all rooted in this cockamamie belief the United States has spread misery and suffering around the world, and we’ve done it in any number of ways.

Our superpower status derives from theft and consumption. We’ve simply gone out around the world and taken everything we wanted. We stole it from there, we stole it from over there, we took it from that group, we took it from that country. We’ve enriched ourselves at the expense of the world, and so the world is in dire straits because we exist as a superpower. It’s simply not fair. It’s not right that one country should have so much and the rest of the world should have so little. And so the left believes in open borders. And not just open borders. The left believes in guaranteed welfare to those who get here, one way or another.

And now, have you noticed universal income is said to be the ultimate answer to the future. Universal income. You know what that is? We are a nation $20 trillion in debt. We have an additional 200 — this is gonna boggle your mind — $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities. And we have people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates and Elon Musk and the rest of the glitterati in Silicon Valley suggesting that what we need to have here is universal income, free money, because, of course, the future is artificial intelligence, which means robots, which means massive unemployment.

Progress, technological progress must mean people will lose their jobs and be replaced by machines. And Silicon Valley doesn’t want to feel guilty about that, so here comes universal income. So open borders, guaranteed welfare to those who get here one way or another, and now universal income. The ultimate answer.

Now, I missed the part about unlimited revenues. Where do the unlimited revenues to pay for all this come from? Where do we get that? Well, we don’t. We’re not gonna have to money to pay for all of this. Now, you square that, you Millennials, you love sustainability, what we’re doing here is simply is not sustainable. We can’t sustain a nation of growth and prosperity with something called free money and universal income. We just can’t do it. We can’t do it with open borders.

You want to feed the world because the United States has led to starvation around the world, you want the world to have free health care because the United States doesn’t share it’s great health care, you want everybody to have a guaranteed income? What, you want the world to come here for all of it? Are there no limits on this? You want the whole world to come here? Is that what our price must be for our racism, for our slavery, for our bigotry, for our feminism, for our homophobia, for all of these ills that we have engaged in, the world must be permitted come here.

I have an idea, a little test. And I’m serious. I know a lot of you in this audience are young people, you are Millennials, some of you are college students. I know you’re there. I know you’re there in droves. We have the audience research to prove it. We know you’re out there and I have a little test for you. You either already started school at university or it’s coming up, it’s very soon, either way, I have an idea.

Why don’t each of you take in a bunch of new roommates and provide them everything they want and need. You do it under the idea of fairness, under the idea that you may have more, you may have less, but you should do it. If free money, universal income, guaranteed welfare, unending health care, if this is the answer, you do it. Do a little test lab. Provide it for your roommates and see how it works and get back to us. Tell us how it works out. I mean, working Millennials can’t even afford their student loans, much less ESPN now.

The moral of the story is, when you don’t have the money, you shouldn’t take on obligations you can’t sustain. And we don’t have the money for any of this, not to mention the morality here is all wrong, and not the fact that doing all this is really, at the end of the day, not helpful to anybody. Because all it’s gonna do is create people that are ill-equipped and unprepared to fend for themselves.

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