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RUSH: Now, here’s a fascinating story that dovetails with this. It’s in The Politico. And the headline: “Summer Employers Hired American Amid Trump Visa Squeeze.” The subhead is: “What happens when guest-worker visas run out.” Now, it is a fascinating story, and it goes against the grain, I think, of what The Politico intended.

“President Donald Trump’s harsh criticism of immigration programs and Congress’ refusal to lift a cap on work visas meant many seasonal businesses had to hire American this summer — and pay their workers more.”

Because of Trump, there were more Americans working this summer, and they earned more money doing it, and this somehow is a problem! This somehow is bad news, and it’s all because of Trump. But isn’t it the objective? Many seasonal businesses had to hire Americans ’cause of the limits on visas, work visas. And they had to pay their workers more to get them to work.

“That’s good news for Trump, for U.S. workers, and for supporters of Trump’s ‘American First’ agenda, but business groups complain that increased spending on wages will ultimately cost jobs and sap company profits.” Now, this is coming from the same outfit that promotes the minimum wage every other day. They promote the minimum wage, and then artificial compensation, it’s gonna end up costing jobs, they deny it.

Now here we have real market conditions, not artificially imposed minimum wages, but real market conditions. Why did these Americans earn more than the temporary work permit worker? Because they required it. In order to work, they were able to call for more. They were able to demand more, and they got it because companies needed the work done.

This is a great teachable moment. This is such an amazing microcosm of how the world really works. And, of course, since it’s good news for Trump, and since it’s good news for U.S. workers, and good news for supporters of Trump’s America first agenda, it can’t be good news for anybody else. Because that’s just the tone the Drive-By Media takes.

“Business groups complain that increased spending on wages will ultimately cost jobs and sap company profits.” When’s the last time Politico gave a rat’s rear end about a company’s profits other than their own? When is the last time? The last time I looked they’re constantly ripping companies that make a lot of profit like Apple and like ExxonMobil and like the pharmaceuticals and like Big Retail, they’re constantly ripping into these people who make a lot of profit. Now they’re worried?

What could be bad about American people filling seasonal jobs at higher pay? Isn’t that the objective? But the real villainous thing in this sentence is the idea that people earning more money is somehow a very bad thing for businesses and a very big drag on the economy. Excuse me, but isn’t this the objective? The objective is for everybody to advance. Everybody wants to earn more money. Companies want to grow. They want work to get done efficiently. If it gets done efficiently and they result in paying people more to do it and their profits expand, isn’t that exactly what the intention is theoretically of capitalism, in a big, broad sense?

Here we go, the Drive-By Media has to point out that Americans being hired at higher wages, that’s not good. That will ultimately cost jobs and sap company profits. “Across the country, enterprises ranging from oyster shuckers to landscapers say they were forced to give up contracts and forgo revenue because they just couldn’t find enough workers to do the jobs this summer,” because Trump had ended the work visa permits and so the cheap labor — right here is why everybody wants amnesty, right here in this story.

And there’s another take on this. I thought, because I’ve been told this is work the American people won’t do anymore, that’s why we need immigration, because the American worker’s become a snob and he won’t shuck oysters or whatever else. And yet here were Americans filling these jobs at higher pay, and yet we’re told that these menial jobs, they’re beneath the average American worker. They won’t do them anymore. Or that American workers are a bunch of lazy, unemployable deadbeats, too good for the minimal jobs that illegals would do.

This story is Chamber of Commerce talking points. I mean, this paragraph here is just amazing. “That’s good news for Trump, for U.S. workers, and for supporters of Trump’s ‘American First’ agenda,” but bad news for businesses which might lose profits. Again, when has the Drive-By Media given a rat’s rear-end about profits?


RUSH: I’m still kind of marveling over this Politico piece. I’m not even gonna mention the reporter’s name ’cause I don’t want to embarrass this person, because I think this person is just spouting talking points from the Chamber of Commerce. It’s so at odds with what the usual portrayal of business and white, working-class Americans is in the Drive-By Media. This is just — sap company profits? Increase spending on wages will ultimately cost jobs? For crying out loud, the media supports Big Labor. What’s Big Labor always about?

Big Labor’s always about more wages. Every union contract, more wages, more benefits. They’re not worried about company profits being sapped. This is a talking points memo here that is actually disguised as a news story.


RUSH: “American manufacturing expanded in August at the fastest pace in six years.” Do you think this is because of DACA? I don’t think so. “American factories accelerated in August at the fastest pace of expansion since 2011, data from the Institute for Supply Management showed Friday. … The monthly purchasing managers index rose 2.5 points to 58.8, reflecting employment rising to its highest level,” in six years. “The sustained gains in manufacturing reflect rising consumer spending and business investment.”

Really? You know, everywhere you turn — I’m not exaggerating — everywhere you turn the economic news is wonderfully improved over what it was during the eight years of Obama. Even that Politico story we had earlier today where, because of the fewer number of illegal aliens being granted work visas, summer jobs went to Americans at higher rates of pay.

Now, The Politico had a problem with that because of the impact on corporate profits, if you can believe that. But wherever you look, employment is up, wages are up, manufacturing expanded in August at the fastest pace in six years. What’s the difference? What has changed? Not just from Obama to Trump, but there are other things. What’s changed? I think it’s a general overall attitudinal shift.

I think, folks, those eight years of Obama were a downer. They were, to a lot of people, depressing, they were stifling. Because everybody knew, everybody that pays attention knew that if Obama were ultimately successfully, we weren’t gonna have an American economy that we had grown up with or were accustomed to, by design.

We were going to be a country that would have to learn how to manage our decline, a decline that was deserved because our economic triumphs of the past were not legitimate, they were not legitimately earned. They were earned on the backs of the poor or on the backs of poor countries or whoever else that we had exploited. It wasn’t really genuine. And it was time the U.S. got cut down to size a little bit and learned how the rest of the world lived, and Obama was all about that.

And with Obama out of office, and the Democrats out of office, make no mistake about this, the Drive-Bys will never catch on to this and the people inside the Beltway, the establishment will never catch on to this, but with the departure from leadership of Obama and the White House and Democrats on Capitol Hill, I’m telling you, it had a monumental effect on the overall attitude of millions of Americans. It turned them immediately optimistic.

And then Trump is inaugurated — well, the transition occurs, and the Democrats and the Deep State and the media go nuts! They lose their minds on Trump! And this just cements support for Trump even harder, despite what their polling data says.

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