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RUSH: Joe in Detroit. You’re next, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Dittos from the Motor City. I listen to you on WJR.

RUSH: Great, great station. Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Oh, yes. I gotta make a comment about Colin Wackernick, wacko whatever the hell his name is in the NFL. I was watching Fox News the other day, and, and they had the NAACP on saying that they were gonna boycott the NFL. And Tucker came back with some facts that 70% of the NFL is black and Colin Kaepernick signed a contract, took $39 million of it, opted out of what he had left in his contract, put his talents on the open market, and, for some reason, the NAACP was going to boycott the NFL. It just shows me the desperation and the lunacy of the left.

RUSH: Yeah. I remember this. We talked about this here, the NAALCP boycott of the NFL. This is frustrating. This is now two things in a row that I don’t remember. I had a brilliant comment about it, and I don’t remember what it was when this all came up. Because it’s senseless. I think it was just along the lines of this is just the latest telltale sign that the NFL’s days are numbered. And we don’t know how many they have left. You see the story about the ESPN announcer?

CALLER: Oh, yes.

RUSH: Forty-eight years old, who, not in his name, no, he will no longer do play-by-play and he will no longer wax eloquent and promote such a damaging game that results in so many brain injuries, not in his name. So he’s quitting. He doesn’t want to have any part of anything. And this is gonna lead to others being shamed down the road, other announcers, “How dare you announce this game and hype this game as though it’s something good when the people playing it are probably gonna die!” This is gonna happen.

CALLER: I think you’re right. I think it’s the beginning of the end of the NFL.

RUSH: We don’t know how soon, but look. How do you reverse this? The history of this kind of thing, once the left gets going, they don’t let go of it. But now you’ve got me — I’m frustrated trying to remember. ‘Cause I remember the NAALCP gonna lead a boycott on the NFL. And you’re right, 75% of the players are African-American and they are all wealthy, every last one of them. Look, I appreciate the call. You’ve jogged my mind here.


RUSH: This Kaepernick business. One more thing about this. The media position is — and of course, the NAALCP. So what does Kaepernick do? He takes a knee; he protests the flag and the national anthem. When people ask him about it, he doubles down that (impression) “It’s not a great country to me. This country has mistreated blacks. It’s got a murderous bunch of police! They’re shooting people, and I don’t know why I should honor this country.” Okay, fine. He says that all. But the media position is that he should be honored. The media position is that he shouldn’t suffer any consequences from this.

The media position is that he should be hired for this courage. When the truth of this is — and real life is — if you are a member of the NFL and you want to state or take action that trashes your country and trashes the flag when the league you play for seeks to honor it, well, buddy, there are gonna be consequences, and you have to face them. Anybody else would. What the media is asking is that Kaepernick not only face no consequences, they want him to be rewarded for it! That’s why people are not rushing to Kaepernick’s side, because they don’t think there’s anything worth rewarding here.

Now, if a bunch of radical anti-American protesters want to honor Kaepernick, fine and dandy, but they’re not gonna pay him what he walked away from at the San Francisco 49ers. He had a contract that would have paid him multiple millions of dollars. He walked out on it. Now the story is the league blackballed him? That didn’t happen. But the thing is, why is it that somebody…? Again, it’s a media question. Why is it that somebody who has become famous for being an anti-American radical be rewarded? Why should the NFL specifically hire him because of that, which is what the NAALCP is demanding and which is what all kinds of Kaepernick supporters are demanding, when the truth of the matter is that something like that is nothing but a distraction?

And the owners and the coaches have every right not to have something like that on their team. It is a business. It does not mean he’s being discriminated against; it does not mean anything other than, “We just don’t want an employee like that. Because if you’re gonna run your mouth like this, if you’re gonna kneel during the anthem, there are consequences to it — and asking to be exempt from the consequences is wanting it both ways.” A responsible media would be telling this to you as I am. But the media’s not responsible, particularly sports media. They’re as activist and closely linked to Kaepernick attitudinally and politically as they could be, and so they are simpatico.

So they join this effort to make the NFL look like a bunch of racist bigots, when the fact of the matter is that it is an African-American league, and look at the money that’s being paid! Yet we’re being told to look at the NFL as a bunch of slave-like plantations. “These evil owners are sitting up there in their skyboxes while their places are killing themselves, butting heads and getting concussions,” and that’s what we’re up against here. Once again, it falls back to the media — what they choose to champion and side with — and it’s always, it’s always the people who speak up against this country that the media celebrates, highlights, and promotes. And that’s why so many people are fed up with the media. That’s why the question, “What is it that unites us?” is so hard to answer now.

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