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RUSH: The media has already started to destroy the Trump tax plan. It happened on CNBC today. And the way they’re doing it is to claim that Stephen Miller, who is an anti-Semite nationalist in the Trump speechwriting staff, wrote this speech. I’ll get to you here in just a second.

Grab sound bite number 11. Actually, it was Bloomberg. Oh, it was both of them. Bloomberg and CNBC. Grab sound bite number 11. What we have here is Francine Lacqua speaking to Toluse Olorunnipa about Trump’s trip today to Springfield, tax reform, and this is their exchange.

LACQUA: There’s a lot of media saying this was a speech that was crafted by Steve Miller, not Gary Cohn. What does that tell us about the tone of the speech?

OLORUNNIPA: The challenge the president faces is that when he gets into campaign mode, when he gets in front of these adoring crowds, a lot of times he goes off the script and he starts talking about things that are not the message of the day, whether it’s attacking Democrats or attacking fellow Republicans. That’s the fear that a number of White House officials have. Now, the tax reform issue is something that the White House wants the president to be laser focused on because he does not have a major signature piece of legislation that he’s passed in almost eight months in office. So they’re hoping that he’ll be able to focus, stick to the script, and focus on tax reform during this speech in a way that will galvanize the American people in support of what he’s trying to do in Congress.

RUSH: So you see, “Well, we’re troubled by the fact Stephen Miller wrote the speech, not Gary Cohn. We’d much rather have the speech written by a liberal Democrat Goldman Sachsite, than this anti-Semite Stephen Miller.” Stephen Miller is brilliant, by the way, and he’s Jewish. He’s not anti-Semitic. By the way, hey, Brian, put the guy’s phone number on that, on this one. Just in case they don’t know where mile marker 99 is.

Here is the CNBC side of it. This is Joe Kernen speaking with Washington correspondent Eamon Javers about Trump’s trip to Springfield today. Question: “Trump set to give a speech on tax reform later today. You have some details on what the president is expected to say, and I guess some comments on yesterday’s visit down to the hurricane?”

JAVERS: This is gonna be billed as a Main Street speech on — near America’s Main Street, Route 66. That’s gonna be sort of the imagery that we’re gonna see today. And he’s gonna talk about shared prosperity having slipped away in this country. And he’s going to say that we need to end the “rigged system.” So this is an interesting rhetorical choice by the president of the United States. He’s going to say that the U.S. economy is rigged and we need to jump-start it with tax reform, tax cuts across the board. That will help get the economy going again and bring back that shared prosperity. Politico this morning is reporting that Stephen Miller, the nationalist White House aide, is taking a big hand in crafting this speech so we can —

RUSH: So what?

JAVERS: — expect some of that sort of populist rhetoric in this speech.

RUSH: Two different Drive-By Media reports focusing on the speechwriter. How many times when Obama gave a speech did you know in advance who wrote it and that whoever wrote it really was responsible for the content? I mean, they never gave Obama speechwriters any credit because Obama didn’t need speechwriters. He was so brilliant, he was so smart.

But Trump, he’s so dumb and he’s such a pig that it requires speechwriters and now he’s got this nationalist speechwriter? What is that? What is a nationalist speechwriter? Well, in their world it’s a pejorative, and it means an America-only kind of guy. “This is a guy, Stephen Miller, he hates every other country in the world, he only likes the United States. Only the United States matters. And people around the world, screw them.”

That’s what they want you to think nationalism is. Nationalism is simply make your country great. It acknowledges American exceptionalism.


RUSH: Okay, Trump has begun his speech in Springfield on tax reform, just now getting into it. There are three lies that the media and the Democrats say after every Republican tax proposal. They are this: The Reagan or Bush tax cuts didn’t work. They then say, “The rich are not gonna be paying their fair share in this,” and that it has to be revenue neutral. Those are the three things. You watch. After Trump finishes, those three lies will be part of the media reaction to whatever he says. We’ll deal with the specifics tomorrow.

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