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RUSH: Dartmouth College is neck-deep in controversy after one of their lecturers defended Antifa, the violent left-wing radicals.

Mark Bray, the author of a new book on this bunch, has been making the rounds on Drive-by media shows. He says Antifa’s violence is justified when they’re pushed into it by Neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

On NBC, Bray told F. Chuck Todd: “A lot of people are under attack, and sometimes they need to be able to defend themselves from these kinds of monsters.”

After conservative publications ran articles on Bray, Dartmouth President Philip Hanlon issued a statement. The college condemns “anything but civil discourse,” he said. Any form of violence is “contrary to Dartmouth values.”

This did not sit well with Dartmouth’s leftist faculty. Over 100 of them signed a joint letter accusing President Hanlon of throwing Mark Bray under the bus and undermining his important work. They were especially ticked off that the Dartmouth president had responded to “right-wing” media outlets.

Like the Drive-Bys these Dartmouth academics pretend that Antifa is only violent against Neo-Nazis and idiotic racists. In reality, Antifa is violent against anything and everything they don’t like, including the country. Trump’s inauguration is an example.

But these faculty members are all-in with Antifa. And if Dartmouth values don’t support Antifa and its violence, well then screw Dartmouth values, I guess. What good are they?

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