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RUSH: Wait ’til you hear how they are thinking of dealing with opposition to immigrants in Europe. It’s called oxytocin. It’s oxytocin — and if you don’t know what that is, stand by, be patient, because you will very soon.


RUSH: “A group of researchers from Germany and the United States have published a study which concludes that doping ‘xenophobic’ populations with massive quantities of Oxytocin –” Do you know what oxytocin is? It’s not a narcotic, even though the name sounds like a familiar — It’s a hormone, and it’s laced with estrogen. Estrogen linked hormone, oxytocin, will cure nationalism.

You see, nationalism is a mental disease. Nationalism is a sickness. Nationalism is a mental disorder and it needs to be fixed, and the way they’re thinking of fixing it in Germany and in Europe is massive doses of oxytocin. Supposedly this will make native citizens more accepting and generous towards immigrants who simply want free handouts from Western taxpayers. That’s all.

There’s no reason hate them. There’s no reason to be suspicious of them. And the reason you hate them and the reason you’re suspicious is because you’re a bigot! It’s because you’re a racist. It’s because you’re a xenophobe. It’s because you’re a nationalist.

And now scientists think they can fix you. They can rid you of your nationalism and your xenophobia by giving you oxytocin, a hormone linked to estrogen. And they think this is perfectly normal, this is perfectly fine.

The study says: “Accommodating the large influx of migrants not only challenges the humanitarian capacities of European countries but also requires their native populations to adjust to rapid growths in ethnic diversity, religious pluralism, and cultural differentiation. However, the impetus to adapt to changing social ecosystems is susceptible to considerable interindividual heterogeneity. Resistance to this transition often goes along with xenophobic sentiment, and as a consequence, recent elections in Europe have favored populist candidates who have openly expressed xenophobic attitudes toward refugees.”

So essentially this is a device to change the mental structure of people who are voting in ways European elites disapprove of. It’s incredible. And, folks, if it’s happening there, it’s not long before the idea will migrate and be an illegal immigrant here in the United States as well, particularly if some wacko scientist claims that it worked! “Yeah. We found this nationalist, we found this xenophobe, we found this sicko. Just like a Bannon type, yeah, and we gave ’em massive doses of this stuff, oxytocin, the guy became the most peaceful and loving and welcoming individual ever.”

I can see — and I’m not kidding — I can see down the road a vaccine for xenophobia, a vaccine for nationalism, a vaccine to rid you of the idea that your country and where you live is first and foremost important to you. That’s not acceptable. That’s not good. And in Europe, with German researchers, they’re exploring pharmacological ways to rid people of this horrid disease, nationalism and xenophobia and what have you. It’s shocking. I mean, folks, it’s not just here. It’s the elites around the world.

These are the ones that are unaccepting, they are not open to ideas.


RUSH: By the way, I think I’ve been misunderstood on the oxytocin story based on some emails that I checked. The story is from the website ZeroHedge.com. “Study: Doping Western Cultures with Oxytocin Will Cure Hatred of Refugees.” Folks, it’s not the immigrants that are gonna be given the massive doses of oxytocin. It’s the natives. It is presumed… Let’s use a country. It’s presumed that the people of Germany are xenophobic, nationalistic, and racist, and they’re unwelcoming to all of the immigrant populations that are trying to get in the country — refugees, immigrants, militant Islamists, whatever.

It’s not the immigrants that are going to be given the oxytocin so that they stop hating the people that live in the country where they’re migrating to. The populations of these countries are gonna get the oxytocin so that they will not hate the migrants. You must understand: The problem with immigration is the nationalistic, racist, xenophobic native populations of these countries who are simply — because of their bigotry — unwilling to be friendly and accept this massive swarm of illegal immigrants and refugees. So they are going to be given the massive doses of oxytocin, not the immigrants. There’s nothing wrong with them.

There’s nothing wrong with the immigrants.

They’re perfectly fine.

They’re normal people!

It’s the native populations that are the problem here.


RUSH: Yeah, I didn’t quite finish my point about Kaepernick, and I’m not gonna have time to do it here, but what I was trying to say was: Yes, we all have free speech, but that doesn’t mean that there are no consequences to it. You know, people want to be able to say of Kaepernick, “He can say whatever he wants and you have no right to react.” BS! That’s the whole point. You have no right to be heard and you have no right to be exempt of criticism.


RUSH: Fredericksburg, Virginia. Hi, Carl. Great to have you. I’m glad you called, sir.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. First-time caller. I love listening to your show. You were talking earlier about Germany giving oxytocin to the natives that had some really strong opinions about nationalism and that it contained estrogen. I think the thing that really needs to be realized is estrogen is a female hormone. So not only is it an attack on trying to reeducate people and get them to embrace this whole immigrant issue, but it’s also taking away malehood and making them more feminine because males are a threat to their society, I believe.

RUSH: Well, that has been a trend in human culture, not just here in America. But there’s been a trend and it happens to coincide with the advent of the modern era of feminism. Now, feminism has been around since — well, you go back to the suffrage movement in the early 1900s, way back further than that. But the modern era of feminism, that era popularized by people like Gloria Steinem and the others, traces back to the late sixties and the early seventies.

It wasn’t long after this rebirth of the modern era of feminism that we also began to learn of the problems of young boys and their lack of ability to pay attention and to sit down and shut up and be quiet in school. So then we had the discovery of a disorder: attention deficit disorder and then hyperactive attention deficit disorder. And these disorders were met with drugs that were designed to slow everything down and to calm these young little urchins so that they would sit quietly and shut up and not pull on the girls’ ponytails on the desk in front of ’em and not throw spitballs at the teachers and all this other stuff that young boys do.

And since then, the effort to tame the wild male has been ongoing. There have been psychological efforts. There have been financial attempts. There have been sociological, like accusing men in their natural state of being predators. No woman is safe, including a wife and the children. And this slowly built and it slowly crept into the fabric of society to the point that young men are not going to college in near the numbers they used to and thus are not being educated formally in near the numbers they used to be.

And it’s an ongoing thing. Modern American culture today, they make up, in order to keep this image of men alive, they make up stories of rampant rape and abuse on campus, just make ’em up in magazines like Rolling Stone. And so now in Europe research says we need to give — women, too, here, folks, not just the men, we need to give them oxytocin, which is linked to estrogen. It’s not an estrogen per se. It’s linked to it, designed to rid them of nationalism and xenophobia, to make them lovable and engaging and accepting of these immigrants from all over the world invading — uh, coming to their country.

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