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RUSH: On Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the end to an Obama ban which prevented the transfer of surplus military equipment to local police departments. President Trump — who has “a pen and a phone”  — used his pen to sign an executive order overturning Obama’s decision.

Now, Obama’s ban was put in place after liberal activists complained that police in Ferguson, Missouri, were “too militarized,” as they tried to quell riots and protect lives and save private property from destruction.

It was an easy choice for Obama. Blue lives didn’t matter as much as appeasing the anti-cop leftists. So, he stopped the military from transferring surplus armored vehicles, grenade launchers, armed aircraft, bayonets, and high-caliber weapons.

Adding insult to injury, Obama warned these kinds of armaments in the hands of law enforcement made police look like an “occupying force.” He said it would create more divisions with “distrustful communities.”

Some of whom, by the way, were committing vandalism, arson, and even murder.

Now, one reason Congress initially approved the transfer of surplus military gear to local cops was to make sure cops had the resources they need to protect us – and themselves – from bad people, including well-armed terrorists and all that. Then, along came Obama.

So it’s about time that those who protect and serve are given the respect they deserve, and not treated like they’re the bad guys! We here support the lifting of the Obama ban.

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