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RUSH: I have collected a bunch of things from last week that I must comment on. I cannot let these things pass. But I don’t know if I’m gonna get to any or all of it today.

But I’m gonna get to it, such as that idiot Clapper on CNN last week after the Trump rally in Phoenix and what he said. This is the former national security adviser for Obama, and he’s on TV, on CNN, I didn’t know he’s become a CNN analyst or Democrat strategist or whatever they call the guy. Did you hear what he said? Were you paying attention? We’ve got it on tape here if we get to it. But he said essentially, “I’m scared. I don’t think a man like this, I can’t believe he’s president. So unfit, has no business being in office. This is a horrible, horrible thing.”

And then he said, “And what worries me even more is the kind of people who would be attracted to a rally like this, I’m terribly, terribly –” Who the hell are you, punk? And I’m watching this stuff, this is arrogant condescension. This swamp stuff, it’s getting worse. Even though Russia has vanished, although it actually hasn’t, it’s still lurking in the weeds out there.

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