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RUSH: Well, while the Drive-By Media was losing it over Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, another story unfolded that actually impacts people’s lives. It’s something I’ve warned you about for years.

The Des Moines Register reports that Iowa consumers are facing the largest health insurance price increase in state history. Premiums for the coming year are predicted to rise 57 percent.

But many Iowans face even higher rates. Due to huge financial losses, Aetna and Wellmark BlueCross Blue Shield pulled out of the state, leaving Iowa with only one insurance provider, which means skyrocketing premiums.

All by design as I predicted.

At a heated public hearing, citizens begged the state insurance commissioner to provide some kind of relief. But he told them he’s pretty much powerless to lower prices.

Things are so desperate that some Iowans are looking into purchasing property in neighboring Minnesota, declaring legal residence there in order to buy health insurance. But those who can’t escape are stuck. Unless they qualify for Obamacare subsidies – which may not come – they’ll have to pick up the entire tab.

This is what Obama and the Democrats did to Iowa. It’s what Republicans promised to repeal-and-replace for seven years, but they haven’t done it. This is what the Obamacare implosion looks like. And the implosion is headed to your state, and my state, and every other state. It’s just a matter of time.

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