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RUSH: Hey, have you guys seen the latest CBS poll on public opinion of Charlottesville, Trump’s response? Have you seen that poll? You haven’t? Dawn, have you seen the poll? Brian, you seen the poll? Have any of you people seen this poll? Well, here’s maybe why.

Majority of Republicans Agree with Trump’s Response to Charlottesville Violence.” A majority, according to a CBS poll, 67% of Republicans supported Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville, including 32% of independents and 10% of Democrats. Overall, 55% of Americans disapprove; 34 approve. I don’t know how that works. Well, 55 disapprove, 34 approve, but of the 34% that approve, 67% of Republicans approve. And yet what are the Republicans doing? They are vamoosing away from this.

It was a telephone poll conducted August 14, 15, and 16. Random sample, 1,223 adults nationwide, 55% of Americans disapprove. Shouldn’t that be, based on media coverage, shouldn’t that be 90%? Shouldn’t the polling 90, 95% disapprove, the way the media is covering this? I mean, 55 margin of error in the poll is two or three, 55, could be 52, could be 58 as well, but it’s not what we would expect. Sixty-seven percent of Republicans agree with Trump.

And another poll here, 62% of Americans believe Confederate statues should remain. Only 27% disagree. This is Americans, not just Republicans, 62% of Americans believed — this on PBS, the public broadcast system. Sixty-two percent of Americans believe statues should remain. My God, I watch the media, I thought everybody, like a hundred percent of us, wanted those statues gone!

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