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RUSH: You know, folks, there is other news out there and in some of it panic levels are rising. The Congressional Budget Office weighed in on what will happen in a few weeks if President Trump decides to end certain payments to insurance companies, i.e. the insurance company bailouts.

The CBO says that health care premiums will rise about 20 percent and federal budget deficits will increase by two hundred billion dollars, if we don’t spend the money.

The White House says that no decision has been made about the insurance bailouts, but Trump is trying to force Democrats to get off the sidelines. He wants them to help come up with a replacement for Obamacare. Don’t hold your breath on that.

The White House blasted the CBO report, calling it “flawed.” The administration pointed out that even if they do pay the insurance subsidies, the bailouts, premiums will skyrocket anyway.

Besides, the entire issue is still in the courts. A federal judge ruled that subsidies are illegal because Congress never appropriated the money as the Constitution demands. But the judge stayed his order, so it can be appealed.

Meanwhile, some facts. Democrats created Obamacare all by themselves. They handed out subsidies illegally, by themselves. Now when the massive lies they told America are coming home to roost, they sit on their hands, expecting a bailout.

The Democrats wrote this check. It’s time for them to cash it, again, by themselves.

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