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RUSH: So I have this story here, folks. It’s from Harper’s Bazaar. Harper’s Bazaar is a women’s fashion mag. Well, that’s what it’s supposed to be, but it isn’t anymore. And neither is Vogue, and neither is Cosmopolitan. Any of these women’s fashion magazines, they’re nothing but left-wing rags now.

I mean, they literally are. I’m not trying to be disparaging in my description; that’s what they’ve become. They’ve been taken over by elements of the feminazis going to college, going to women’s studies, and they’ve taken over, and the women’s fashion stuff is the come-on, but the stuff that they write about they really care about. It’s all left-wing drivel.

If You Are Married to a Trump Supporter, Divorce Them.” You keep asking if the left has reached peak crazy. And the answer is no, folks, they’re nowhere near peak crazy. You just be prepared for this. No matter how bad you think or how wacko you think they are, there is still fertile ground for them to uncover.

Jennifer Wright is the author of “Get Well Soon: History’s Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them.” “Thirteen of the Worst Breakups in History.” Anyway, she goes on to suggest here: “With every week, life under the Trump administration becomes more unnerving. The administration is trying to ‘phase out’ the 15,000 trans people in the military, Trump is basically threatening nuclear war with North Korea and Mueller is tapping a Grand Jury to look into the Russia connection. We live in interesting times, and by interesting, I mean on the very verge of the second dark ages. …Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is starting to create a rift, not just between different parts of the country, but between couples.”

She goes on to cite here various couples that are having marital problems all because of Trump, and the answer is, just divorce ’em. It’s the only solution left. It sounds funny. It’s not intended to be funny. It is intended to be serious advice.

Folks, we’re dealing with a combination myriad of things, and all of it to one degree or another borders on insanity or lunacy, such as the idea that there’s only one hate group in America and it’s on the right. The modern home of sheer, unbridled hatred today is the Democrat Party and the people that vote for them. The American left can’t hold a candle to anybody when it comes to hate. They have learned how to market it. They have learned how to sell it. They have learned how to put it into practice. And every other hater out there is a piker compared to the people on the left who practice hate. They get away with their hate by having it disguised as compassion and caring and defense of victims and so forth, but it is obscene. It is literally obscene.

I got an email from a friend today. “This statue toppling and changing names on buildings and schools is not new.” By the way, have you heard the latest? Charlie Rose — we got the audio of this coming up — Charlie Rose and Al Sharpton both agree the Jefferson Memorial in Washington needs to come down. And if you think they’re joking about this, they’re not. They mean it, certainly Al Sharpton does, and I don’t think Charlie Rose is bright enough to know that it would be a wrong-headed move.

That’s the thing about the people on the left. They’re not that smart. They’re not anywhere near smart, and yet they have the reputations of being the brightest people. I was listening to this clown on TV today at CNN. I actually turned on the sound for this. You know who this is, Snerdley? Michael Eric Dyson? I mean, he’s an angry racist African-American college professor, activist, any number of things. And the segment was on how Trump is a racist and how Trump doesn’t know how to hide his racism, and Trump is an idiot, and Trump is a danger, and Trump’s gotta go.

As contrasted to Obama, who is brilliant, who is so cerebral we could barely keep up with him, who was compassionate, who reached across the aisle to the other side and brought people together. And I’m sitting here practically choking here on my chicken strip. I can’t believe what I’m hearing except that I have to believe it because he actually said it and he means it. But here’s the thing, as we keep pointing out. Every Democrat president, every Democrat leader is brilliant, is a brainiac, is so smart, we can barely keep up.

Every Republican president is a dunce. Ronaldus Magnus, George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, and now the Trumpster. They’re all idiots. They’re all brain-dead. They are all intellectual deficients. And it’s just part of the narrative that exists constantly. Obama had this manner of speaking that made people think he understood the language and so it sounded smart, but if you look at the things that Obama actually did, we’ve gotta redefine “smart.” Because much of what passes for intelligence today is on the left, and it’s dumb, and it’s dangerous, it’s reckless and stupid. And yet it is considered to be brilliant, just as this idea of tearing down the Jefferson Memorial.

I mean, you know when history is written, if it ever is, Obama — there is a story from yesterday that in 2014 — I love this — in 2014 Obama and his people knew the Russians were trying to hack elections. They were actually doing it in Ukraine, and Obama was huffing and puffing and making all kinds of threats that he didn’t back up. And the story is that Obama and his team knew it and they let the Russians get away with it, Putin, and they didn’t stop it. And therefore they should have known that it would have happened in 2016.

Well, where was this brilliant, bright, erudite, sophisticated the guy who had full knowledge of what Putin and the Russians were doing and didn’t lift a finger to stop them? And the excuse can’t be that Obama got snookered because nobody could snooker Obama ’cause nobody’s smarter than Obama, nobody’s as smart as Obama, so it can’t be that. So they’re having to say, “Well, maybe he saw something we didn’t. Maybe he knew something we didn’t. We can’t keep up with Obama and it would be reckless and dangerous to try.”

Well, all of this, a steady diet of this is what we’ve been subjected to for so many years now, it’s insulting. And if you let it seep into your inner being, it’s depressing as it can be because it’s so diametrically opposite of the truth. And now we’re on this tear to tear down statues. And as my email friend here today says: it’s not new. It’s been happening for years. Eight years, in fact, America saw it, we all saw it. There was little, it seemed, that anybody could do or would do to stop it.

And then one day a guy came long. He said “Make America Great Again.” Those four small words have big meanings. And one meaning is to honor, respect, learn, and preserve the history of America. You can’t erase it, and you can’t change it, and you can’t wipe it out no matter how hard you try. Just as your personal life. You ever get the question, “Do you have any regrets? What would you change?” You know what the right answer to that question is, universally? Nothing. You can’t change it, and so it’s folly to pretend.

“What would have happened if you could go back and…?” Because you can’t. And so every experience that you have in life leads you to where you are at present. Good, bad, average, indifferent, it still is your history, and there’s nothing you can do to change it. You can try to learn from it if you think you’ve been making mistakes. You can try to learn from it and expand, if you think you’ve been doing things right. But you cannot change it. And regretting things in your past is a big mistake, because nobody…

Well, there may be exceptions. But I’m gonna say nobody living their life intends to screw up. Nobody intends to blow things to smithereens. Most people are trying to do their best, whatever that is. Most people are at least doing what they think is best or right, however they define it. So it’s the same thing with American history. We can’t change it; we can’t erase it. There’s not a thing that can be accomplished by tearing down statues, eliminating monuments changing the names. There’s nothing that can be done. It will not improve anything.

All it’s going to do is dumb people down. It’s not even gonna make these leftists on this tear happy. They are incapable of happiness. Their lives depend on being constantly enraged, constantly offended, constantly put upon, constantly victimized. There is nothing that can make them happy, and it’s time to stop trying to. It’s time to stop acknowledging their complaints and their grievances under the premise that we can alleviate them because we can’t, because they are incapable — because they don’t want to be content, happy.

That’s not who they are. They have been raised, conditioned, educated to be raging angry, infuriated. And they have been trained and educated to be enraged and angry at their own country over things that cannot be changed, over things that cannot be erased. They are not taught perspective. They are not taught how those things in America’s past actually led to vast improvements for everybody in America because there is no room for the affirmative. There is no room for the positive.

And so trying to meet these people halfway (as the president discovered yesterday) is a losing proposition. It’s not possible. You cannot ameliorate them. You cannot do anything that would satisfy them. Every cave-in, every acquiescence only leads to further outrage, and an attempt to acknowledge their grievance and try to change it is met with, “See? You’re guilty! You admit you’re guilty.” And then they add on additional new charges.

We’re basically dealing with a bunch of spoiled-rotten kids who have become adults with a lot of money and have become insane or lunatic or out of kilter by virtue of their environment, their education, and what have you. But there is no halfway with these people. They don’t even want there to be. So back to my email buddy here. “One day a guy came along who said, ‘Make America Great Again.’ Those four small words have big meanings, and one meaning is to honor, respect, learn, and preserve the history of America.

“So a lot of people — the majority, in fact — voted for the man who said those words. As a result — in a ‘screw you’ to him and all who voted for him — the leftist communists in our midst are doubling down. Rush, I voted for Donald Trump as the only option to stop the Obama-Clinton-Soros communist total takeover of America. I never thought Donald Trump was Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. I never thought he was some great orator. I never thought he was going to dazzle anybody with pithy wisdom.

“I know that’s not who Donald Trump is. What I do know is that if Hillary Clinton had won in November, these rabid mongrel mobs who were throwing Coke cans filled with concrete at everybody, would have the total support and protection of the U.S. government, as they did during the Obama administration.” A lunatic shoots five cops in Dallas, and Obama’s first statement: “We must not rush to judgment on motive.” Remember? No condemnation.

There wasn’t any condemnation when this wacko from Illinois tried to assassinate a bunch of Republican congressmen. It’s definitely a two-way street, here. Donald Trump hasn’t hurt anybody. Donald Trump hasn’t pulled the trigger on anybody, hasn’t done diddly-squat. Yet look at what they’re saying about Donald Trump compared to what they’ve said about actual terrorists who have committed murder. ‘Those people deserve to be excused. Well, their rage, we need to understand.

“You see, they come from a special grievance born of the foundation of this country. Donald Trump is a rich guy who’s made it all of his life. He doesn’t have any idea what life is like for these people.” So they say. But I think this is true. If Hillary had won in November, these mobs, these rioters? These are not protesters. This is not dissent. There’s not dissidents out there. These are rioters and mobs. They would have the total support and protection of the U.S. government just as they did while they were organized under Obama’s protection.

“Would I vote for Donald Trump again today with the same options? Damn right, I would.” I got the email right before the program began. I’m sure it reflects the thinking of many of you. So what did we learn yesterday? Let me sum up for you what happened. Starting back on Saturday, we have the events taking place in Charlottesville, Virginia. The media, in unison, begins to clamor for Donald Trump to denounce the racism and the violence in Virginia, but only denounce the racism and violence of one half of the participants.

So Trump said, “Okay,” and he went out and made a statement where he denounced the racism and the hatred and violence on all sides. “All sides,” he said. The media said, “That just doesn’t do it for us! That just doesn’t get it done. You need to specifically… You need to name the Nazis. You need to name the Klan. You need to call out the white supremacists. You need to call out your Steve Bannon’s buddies.” So Monday came. We carried it; you heard Trump when he did it.

He came out yesterday, and he mentioned by name the white supremacists, the KKK, the Nazis. What’d media do? Predictable. “You didn’t mean it! You didn’t mean it. You only did it because we forced you into it; so we’re not gonna give you any credit because we don’t think you meant it. We actually think you side with racists. We think you like the Nazis. You didn’t mean it. You didn’t mean it. You can’t make us believe that you did.” How close is Trump to saying, “Screw this! Where’s the golf course?”


RUSH: Cookie got me the sound bite here from Michael Eric Dyson today from earlier on CNN. Kate Bolduan, there’s something else about this I have to point out after the bite, but this is the kind of sheer — it’s beyond bias. This is just — well, it’s wrong. It’s intellectually fraudulent. It is dangerously wrong. It is disastrously misguided. But this is what’s all over cable news here as we proceed down this path that Trump didn’t condemn the KKK soon enough, the other hate groups soon enough, and since he didn’t do it originally, didn’t mean it, the media talked him into it. Trump’s a dunce, Trump’s an idiot, why can’t we have Obama back?

DYSON: Obama proved to be a highly intelligent, immensely cerebral, extraordinarily poetic president who was able to touch bases with common human beings in understanding their crisis and their predicament. So, yes, even if you disagreed with him, he was a stable personality who was able to listen to the other side, reach across the aisle in order to try to achieve some kind of comity, some kind of balance in American politics. This president is a man who wants to traffic in excuse mongering even as he excoriates those through the discourse of political correctness who he feels are sensitive to victims in this country. The bottom line is Donald Trump is not to be believed because he has exhibited no basic fundamental premise of human decency.

RUSH: That’s a wandering 47-second attempt at coherence and a failure to achieve it, Michael Eric Dyson. Obama, see, highly intelligent, immensely cerebral, extraordinarily poetic, able to touch bases with common human beings. Yeah, like when he told them they could keep their health care plan and their doctor if they liked ’em. Then when he told common people that their premiums actually gonna come down $2,500 a year, and when he made all of these nefarious promises, of course he had his own extremist radical pastor, Jeremiah Wright, who, you know, didn’t come down for any condemnation from Obama or his side whatsoever.

But there’s no peacemaking with these people, and there’s no accommodation to be made. This is only going to continue. And these people, I’m gonna tell you right now, are gonna continue to lose elections. And that’s just gonna further enrage them. And the more elections they lose, the more they’re going to want to overthrow the entire American political system and take the American people out of the process, which is really where they are headed at present: Take the American people out of the process. Selecting leaders, making policy.

The American people, I mean, when they shout that Trump is a racist or that Trump colluded with Russia, they’re saying that about everybody who’s voted for him too. All these insults at Trump are aimed at everybody that voted for him. They don’t think they don’t just think this stuff of Trump. They think it of the majority of Americans that voted for Trump.

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