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Aug 11, 2017


“In the past week, the United States of America Drive-By Media has spent more time trashing the United States Commander-in-Chief than they have the crazy, lunatic dictator who starves his people and has threatened to drop nukes on the United States. The Drive-By Media has spent more time criticizing and trashing and questioning the fitness for office of Donald Trump than they have the pot-bellied, ludicrous, weird haircut dictator of North Korea. Just think about that.”

“The North Koreans are behaving no differently than they always have. This guy and his father and grandfather; they’ve always launched missiles trying to be tough guys. There’s nothing really new here other than the way the media is covering this and trying to tell the rest of the world that Trump is the guy making all this instability possible because he’s not right, not fit. It’s precariously dangerous.”


Here are some of the places I go to prepare for the show:





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