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RUSH: Charles in Germantown, Maryland as we hit the phones. How are you doing, sir? What’s up? What’s going on?

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call, Rush.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I wanted to give you an opportunity to comment on the Jeffrey Lord/CNN firing, and just your take on that.

RUSH: Well, Jeffrey Lord, who was a pro-Trump commentator at CNN. He was hired during the campaign. He’s a great writer. He was in the political office, the Reagan administration, back in the ’80s. He now writes for the American Spectator and Cybercast News Service, NewsBusters. He’s one of the most decent human beings you’ll run into. CNN hired him because they needed somebody. They couldn’t find anybody that believed or liked Trump. They found Jeffrey, they hired him, and they loved him. He fit the bill.

Other CNNers would make fun of him all the time and he would sit there and take it and laugh and just keep pounding the Trump truth at them. It would fly over their heads. He got into a Twitter back and forth with the people over at Media Matters and the context of the tweet was something CNN missed. He ended up responding to one of the twits — I’m sorry — tweets, from Media Matters for America with “Sieg Heil.” CNN: Oh, no, Jeffrey, you’re gone.

They have wanted to get rid of Jeff — my guess — for a long time. I mean, a pro-Trump person, no matter who, just doesn’t fit on CNN, and there’s no way they can. So this became a convenient excuse. I got a note from Jeff. When he got home there were reporters standing outside his house, and he said: “Is this what it’s like to be you?” I said, “It used to be, but I found a way around it.”

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