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RUSH: Folks, this Google story, there’s so much more here than you might think, just keeping up with it on the surface. Google is in the process — and they’re not even aware of it — of demonstrating, they are illustrating by virtue of their actions and memos that the CEO was writing, they are demonstrating that they are actually the opposite of what they claim when they claim they’re for openness and diversity and safety. It’s just the exact opposite.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Even David Brooks today has come down on the CEO of Google. David Brooks has come out to defend the guy that got fired, James Damore. I’ll tell you what’s happening here. There is a similarity to what’s happening at Google with what happened at the University of Missouri. The University of Missouri has not recovered from that period of Black Lives Matter inspired protests. They haven’t recovered in terms of enrollment. They haven’t recovered in terms of reputation. The boosters, the alumni, everybody is still ticked off and it’s because nobody stood up to liberalism.

Nobody stood up to the snowflakes. Nobody stood up to the kids. Liberalism is unsustainable. Leftism is unsustainable. And when these institutions get in trouble, and the same thing is happening to Google, the way they fix it is to pile more liberalism on top of the junk that’s already causing the problem. They’re not open to anything else.

There is no diversity at Google and firing this guy demonstrated it. And I will explain in greater detail as the program unfolds. This is, in fact, a warning. What has happened here at Google with this guy writing his little 10-page inter-office memo — now being called a manifesto, by the way — is a warning that Google is going to miss. They’re not going to see it. They’re going to say that the guy is dead wrong and they’re going to think they can show the world how open and diverse they are. They have to shut even more people up.

And that’s what happened at the University of Missouri. And at some point adults are going to have to come in and fix the mess because leftism is not sustainable. It simply isn’t. There are also — get this — some independent research people have gone out and surveyed tech employees all over Silicon Valley. And I will guarantee you that Google’s CEO probably thinks that 90 percent of people that work in Silicon Valley agree with his decision to fire Damore and agree with all of his platitudes on diversity and equality and all this other mish-mash.

And what they found is that 56 percent of many in Silicon Valley agreed with Damore. Fifty-six percent thought he got a raw deal. Fifty-six percent said that he shouldn’t have been fired for his openness. That it wasn’t mean-spirited. That it wasn’t derogatory. It wasn’t destructive or harmful. It was an attempt to be helpful. But Google simply could not see it that way, could not hear it because of their bias or prejudice or what have you.

And the Google CEO, this is typical, in the world of liberalism, this whole thing is an earth-shattering controversy and people are trembling in fear. “Oh, my God,” because there’s been a ripple in the current, a ripple in the current of stability, equality and diversity at Google. Now there’s a giant ripple that could become a tsunami.

So the CEO scheduled an all-hands-on-deck, let’s talk about it. Let’s get everybody in the room or by video conference, and let’s hash it out so that people can assuage their feelings and be honest and open. And he had to cancel it. The stated reason was that alt-right, which is a joke, alt-right gamer-gate types on the Internet were destroying the privacy of Google employees, that they were being named and they were being called out.

And so the CEO had to cancel the equivalent of a townhall where he was going to explain what Google had done and explain how Google was remaining Google and how this guy had to get fired. “We don’t want any such discrimination,” when in fact that’s all that’s happened here is a major, major case of it. So he’s had to cancel it. And I guarantee they don’t know what’s going on because they only see one way. They’re not open to any other way of thinking or acting.

So they’ve got to pile more liberalism on top of this, which is causing the problem. The same thing as the University of Missouri and any number of places, and at some point it’s going to collapse. Now Google is big, it’s not imminent. But they’ve got a mess here that’s going to require adult supervision at some point.


RUSH: Now, this is a prelude to the Google bit coming up later. You have to hear this because this sets it up and it makes my point as well. This is CBS This Morning.

And they’ve got a fill-in host in there by the name of Jeff Glor, and he’s speaking with former Google vice president Megan Smith. Do you know who else she is or what else she does? Megan Smith is former chief US technology officer under Barack Hussein O. So she is ideal. She’s a Googler. She’s Silicon Valley. She’s uber-leftist — and so thorough that Obama hired her to be the chief US technology officer. So she’s on CBS and she’s being asked about the Google controversy. Question: “Are you surprised by all that you’re hearing about Google? And was your experience similar to what you’ve heard?”

MEGAN SMITH: A lot of young women of all races, men of color, face a lot of challenges because of these kind of insidious perspectives that are around. We call it death by a thousand cuts. It’s just all around. But there’s also wonderful aspects. And so, you know the leadership that Sundar has shown here is important to make sure we discern between — you know, and get people like this to not be able to inflict these kinds of opinions, which are not based on science. This is solvable.

RUSH: She is so wrong that it is embarrassing. This is what I meant in the first hour. Liberalism is unsustainable. When things go wrong in liberalism they pile more liberalism on top. Pretty good example of what’s wrong with the US budget, US healthcare. Liberalism breaks it. Government breaks it. They pile more liberalism on top of it until it eventually implodes, like Obamacare is going to, or like Social Security is going to. All of these things, they’re not sustainable, because liberalism isn’t.

But look at the lingo here: And so the leadership of Sundar, Google CEO, it’s important to make sure we discern, get people like this to not be able to inflict these kinds of opinions. Inflict an opinion? By the way, the guy’s opinion apparently is supported by 56 percent of people that work in Silicon Valley.

All he said was that women don’t do tech jobs because they’re not primarily interested in them. He didn’t make one comment on women’s talent or capabilities. He was talking about their interest, and that there are biological reasons for this. And of course that is undeniable.

But we’re dealing with people, the same kind of people who created that cover of Time Magazine not too long ago when they discovered that men and women are born different. They actually did a cover story: Shocking news. New research shows that men and women are born different. What must you think if that is shocking news to you? Men and women are born different.

These people have believed that from the early era of feminism in the late ’60s, early ’70s, that women become the way they have become because of socialization, which is prejudiced and biased against women. They’re forced to play with Barbie and Ken dolls. They’re forced to live in pink bedrooms and they’re forced to do feminine things. And it’s only because of the forced nature of this that they end up being like they are.

So they run tests. They put little girls in blue bedrooms with G.I. Joes to hopefully see if they would actually not grow up as little girls, but they do grow up as little girls. The idea that there’s no biological difference is absurd. But these people believe in it, to the point that Time Magazine does a cover story: Shocking research that men and women are born different. Here you have former Google vice president, ran the Obama technology office: We have to get people like this not to be able to inflict these kinds of opinions which are not based on science.

Meaning, you can only utter things proved by science. Do you realize that would shut down the entire climate change community? Because none of it is provable by science. Don’t tell them that, but none of it is yet. All kinds of people are coming to this guy’s defense and claiming he wasn’t wrong. He didn’t say anything wrong. He can actually be backed up scientifically.

But these people at Google are not even open to that possibility. They’re so closed-minded. So arrogantly closed-minded that this guy is so wrong, we must not allow opinions like this to be inflicted.

And so here we have the suppression of free speech, which a company can do, by the way. The First Amendment does not extend to corporations. It’s a U.S. government thing. Companies can shut speech down all they want. But the thing is this is destructive. This is discriminatory. And what they’re telling themselves is they’re making a much more peaceful environment. “We are creating a much more conducive and productive and peaceful environment,” when they’re not.

They’re suppressing opinion. They are inflicting their own world view and demanding that it be agreed with and acceded to. And if it’s not, you get fired. That’s not an expansion of freedom and liberty. Does not promote equality, none of the things they say. Google, I think this is so illustrative.


RUSH: I was going to go to Google but we covered that sufficiently. I made my point about Google. They’re killing themselves out there while thinking that they’re setting the standard for fairness and freedom and diversity. And all they’re doing is destroying it. And they don’t even see it.

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