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RUSH: But what started all of this? I want to go back to that. It was a Washington Post story. The Washington Post story genuinely shocked the world. Now, stick with me on this.

The Washington Post reported that the Defense Intelligence Agency had concluded that North Korea had successfully produced miniaturized nuclear warheads that could fit inside their missiles, about 60 of them — and that report changed everything. That turned North Korea from a bumbling little potbellied fool into, “Whoa, they’ve got warheads now?” Everybody started changing their focus on this, 180 degrees. But here’s the problem with this:

That was not news. The Obama administration knew about North Korea’s miniaturized nukes years ago. This was Tuesday when the Washington Post did a big, big bombshell from the DIA that North Korea is now capable of building miniaturized nuclear weapons that could be used as warheads for missiles. But the Post story omitted that the DIA concluded this four years ago, folks. This is 4-year-old news!

This is no different than the New York Times on Monday night with the shocking news alert saying that they’ve come across a secret government document suggesting that global warming is happening much faster and much sooner than anybody knew. It’s much faster and sooner than the models predict. In fact, global warming is so bad that it’s happening right now! It turns out that that very document had been public for months, and the New York Times reports it as a leaked document they secretly got that had never been reported.

They were unleashing it in the world. The reaction that night with the alert and the next day was typical. It was fake news, and so is this business that the Washington Post did on Tuesday that North Korea all of a sudden has nuclear-warhead capability. They’ve had it since 2013. Who was president in 2013? That would be none other than Barack Hussein O. Was it reported in 2013? No! Did anybody raise hell about it in 2013? No! Did anybody get scared? No! Did anybody talk about, “What the hell has Obama done here?” No!.

Was anybody asking, “What the hell did Bill Clinton do? How could Bill Clinton let this happen?” No! There was no concern. There was no panic. There was no fear. There was nothing. They didn’t even report it. The DIA made this calculation, reported it in 2013, and it wasn’t even known. It was greeted with a ho-hum. You know why? Because throughout the Obama administration, there was simply no way that Barack Obama could do a damn single thing wrong — and whatever happened in the world was good because Barack Obama was president.

Just like the Iranians getting a nuclear weapon. “Why it’s only fair. Who is to say they can’t?” And the North Koreans nuking up while Obama is president? “Well there’s nothing to see here! Obama’s got the situation in hand. Obama is erudite and sophisticated. He’s cosmopolitan. Obama can deal with the North Koreans.” Now we have a fake story that’s four years old and reported as a bombshell on Tuesday, and now look at what everybody is doing. This is unconscionable!

Now we’ve got everybody reacting here as though there’s a brand new imminent threat and it’s just days away, that this lunatic is going to hit Hawaii or Guam or whatever, which is providing a new opportunity to portray Trump as incompetent, inept, dangerous, and what have you. Just like every other prior Republican president is portrayed, including George W. Bush. The pattern is unending. It’s just like when it comes to speech.

Anybody on the left on TV can say anything they want. They can shout the N word like Bill Maher did. They can say whatever. Let a conservative come along and say something not even close to that and all hell breaks loose, and the censors break out, and the demands for firing people and shutting them down and getting them off the air start immediately. Meanwhile, leftists are allowed to do anything. So the North Koreans can nuke up when Obama is president. “Yawn! Nothing to see here.”

Bill Clinton can enable the North Koreans to nuclear weapon-ize, lying through their teeth during negotiations, saying, “We’re only going to build nuclear power plants,” and then when they nuke up, we don’t blame Madeline Albright for being incompetent and stupid. We don’t blame Bill Clinton for missing the boat, and we certainly don’t blame Obama when they get 60 miniaturized warheads. No, we shelve the story and we wait for the next Republican president to get in office.

We drop it on him to make it look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Meanwhile, the president, the grand poobah, the chief, whatever this guy is that runs Guam, is thrilled that Trump is talking the way he is talking because he wants the North Koreans to have no doubt what’s going to happen to them if they launch on his island. He doesn’t want any girly-boy, pajama-boy lingo.

He wants somebody talking John Wayne tough at Kim Jong-un because he’s supposedly in the crosshairs here. So once again, everything is 180 degrees out of phase, and the American people are being lied to front to back. The New York Times and that bogus climate change alert and story which was old news that didn’t even draw a crowd when it was first made public. And now this lying sack of excrement crap from the Washington Post claiming, “60 miniaturized nuclear warheads just this week we discovered Kim Jong-un had!”


It was a 2013 Defense Intelligence Agency assessment. Again, not a single story back then of any panic or fear or concern. No media reports asking, “Does Obama know? How could Obama have let this happen? Oh my gosh!” No. If there were any stories, it was, “Don’t worry! Obama’s got it. Obama knows how to deal with it. He’s the smartest man in the world.” This is putrid, sick, offensive stuff — and you know what I’m tired of? I’m tired of turning on the TV — you can’t miss it — during the daytime. (I’m not watching at night.)

I watched some panel — I don’t remember which network — complaining about “the partisan divide” in Washington and how it is just getting worse and worse and worse. Of course, the usual suspects are who? Us! People who do not kowtow to the establishment way of thinking, people who do not fall in lock step with this kind of garbage the New York Times and the Washington Post are putting out — and this is considered the problem with partisanship.

Free speech and partisanship, the two go together. Partisanship gets worse as conservatives fail to comply with the approved way of thinking and the approved way of speaking, and this is making everything much worse. So what the left is actually seeking here is the elimination of liberty and the elimination of freedom by virtue of using intimidation — and, worse — to get people to shut up. We’d better be thankful that there are voices out there that can expose the fraud that has become mainstream news.

The New York Times, the Washington Post and their related networks CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC — even PBS — and on and on. In other words, there is nothing new in North Korea, folks. The 60 warheads? Nothing new. Kim Jong-un bragging about having them? Nothing new. Kim Jong-un threatening to use them? Nothing new. What is new is there’s a president responding to it in a forceful, definitive way. That’s the only thing new about this. We don’t have a pajama boy who wears mom jeans who can barely throw a baseball in the first pitch of the Nationals game as president.

We have somebody there who is no-nonsense and who is not going to take this — and that’s now being portrayed as the threat. Donald Trump is the threat. You know the Washington Post actually has a story today — a panicked realization as though they just figured this out? Honest to God, I saw the headline last night. It’s something… It’s not this. I’m paraphrasing. It’s, “Oh, my God, oh, my God! Trump actually has the nuclear codes.” That’s the headline: “Oh no! Trump has the nuclear codes.”

Well, what is the reader supposed to think of that? We’re supposed to imagine some insane lunatic, out of control that nobody can rein in. “He has the nuclear codes? He can launch today? Oh no!” So it’s Trump that poses the threat to the world, not this lunatic in North Korea — and not the Iranians, by the way — and not the Russians and not whoever other enemies of ours exist. No, it’s Trump. It’s irresponsible. It is dangerous. And it’s sick.

And we’ll be back. Don’t go away.


RUSH: One more thing before we get back to the phones. Actually, two more. You would not believe the second except that you will. But in addition, folks — in addition — to the Obama administration knowing back in 2013, four years ago, that the North Koreans had miniaturized 60 warheads, nuclear warheads for their missiles.

That’s 4-year-old information. I cannot emphasize this enough: It’s 4-year-old information that the Washington Post tried to pass off on Tuesday as blockbuster, brand new news. It’s been known since 2013 when Obama was president. But here is the piece de resistance, from our old buddy, Bill Gertz at the Washington Free Beacon: “North Korea Transfers Missile Goods to Iran During Nuclear Talks.

Some of the nuclear warheads that the North Koreans developed, they transferred to Iranians when Obama was conducting negotiations ostensibly aimed at preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear nation. While we are talking to them in 2015, two years ago, the Norks are transferring nuclear technology to the Iranians. By the way, it went back and forth. They had basically a nuclear relationship. The Iranians would share data with the Norks and vice versa.

Look, folks, we’re living in a genuinely dangerous time when these news organizations that set the agenda every day are so willing to misrepresent, to outright lie, to create false fear and unnecessary panic. Listen to the calls we had today. “Rush, is it time to go back and get the bomb shelters?” And why? Why? Not because of anything the North Koreans or Iranians did.

No, no. It’s dangerous because Donald Trump is in the White House. This is outrageous. It is anti-patriotic — and somehow, this stuff has to stop. These people, somehow they’ve got to fail in this, except they’re not — and we’ve got these stories that generals that work for Trump also think that he’s the problem, the chief of staff who works with Trump also thinks he’s the problem. This is what’s reported every day.

Now get this next one, I promise this will be the last item of mine for a while before we go back to the phones. I just got this. I was going to wait and I decided during the break I can’t wait on this because it fits too well with the table as I have set it.

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