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RUSH: Susan Rice of the Obama Regime… Hang on a minute, folks. I’ve gotta tighten a screw here. I don’t know how these things constantly come loose, but they do. If I hadn’t done that, the microphone might have fallen and hit the desk, and that would not have been cool. Anyway, Susan Rice of the Obama Regime is out there saying, “Hey, we need to learn to tolerate North Korea having nuclear weapons. It isn’t any big deal. It’s like we learned to tolerate the Soviet Union having nuclear weapons all those years and the Pakistanis having nuclear weapons all those years and the Israelis,” which is not official.

The Israelis have never actually confirmed or admitted they have them; we know they do. They’re going after Trump on this, folks. They’re going after Trump like they went after Nixon. They’re going after Trump on the basis that he’s insane, that he’s a genuine madman, and that his comments to Kim Jong-un represent instability, an unbalanced mind and a dangerous, dangerous threat to the American people. That is how Donald Trump is being characterized.

They’re so excited about this in the Drive-Bys and everywhere else, that they have dropped (for the moment) the entire story of Russian collusion with the election. It’s just on hiatus. It will be back. But they’re so hepped up and they’re so revved up over the North Korea thing it’s like they’re reenergized. They’ve been at the Russia angle for months and months and months, and they’re really no closer to getting rid of Trump than when they were started. But this! They have renewed vigor, renewed energy and optimism. In fact, we even got a message from Kim Jong-un here on this program. Apparently, he is not happy that I refer to him as a potbellied, tin-horned little dictator.

(Kim Jong-Un parody)

RUSH: “We are not intimidated.” (laughing) Kim Jong-un neutered all of his staff just in case Jennifer Aniston ever showed an interest in him.


RUSH: To North Korea. CNN has been in full hysteric mode over this. I’ll give you example, audio sound bite number nine. They have a correspondent named Sara Sidner, and she did a report about the state of Hawaii’s preparations against the threat of a nuclear attack from North Korea.

SIDNER: They want people to know what this sound is and what to do when this sound goes off, uh, in the event that there is actually a nuclear attack. I have it here for you. I’m going to play it for you off of the phone. Here’s what it sounds like, Brooke… (siren)

RUSH: Good Lord!

SIDNER: So that will go on and on and it sort of, y’know, sounds like a wave.

RUSH: If you live in Hawaii, and you hear it that, it means the Norks have launched. You’re under nuclear attack. Everybody in Hawaii has eight to 12 minutes. Once it’s been learned that Kim Jong-un has launched with Hawaii as a target, eight… (interruption) “What are you going to do in eight, 12 minutes?” Pfft! Not much you can do. Curse Trump and pray. It’s Hawaii. (interruption) What do you think they’re going to do? There’s nothing you can do. Eight to 12 minutes? There’s nowhere to go. It’s an island.

You can’t get off the island. Airports would be full. (chuckles) There would be no way. So if I were Hawaii, I wouldn’t even run the siren. I wouldn’t let anybody know. Let them enjoy the last eight to 12 minutes. Don’t play that. It will be over in a flash anyway. Why make the last eight to 12 minutes of people’s lives sheer horror? You imagine the people that would die from the stress and EMS couldn’t get to them in time because the nukes will land. Remember, Susan Rice says (paraphrased), “Don’t worry about any of this! No reason.

“We should learn to tolerate nuclear weapons of North Korea just like we did the Soviet Union.” Did the Soviet Union ever attack us? Did they ever launch nuclear weapons tests under the guise of trying to hit us? They didn’t, did they? But nevertheless, we should have no fear of Kim Jong-un. Here is the Forehead Paul Begala, last night Anderson Cooper show.

Anderson Cooper said, “General Mattis and Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, both coming out with variations of a more moderate statement.” You know Trump said ‘fire and fury’ and Tillerson came out and said (paraphrased), “It doesn’t mean that. He’s just speaking in the language that Kim Jong-un understands.” Here is the Forehead’s interpretation…

BEGALA: That’s a terrific strategy for them now. (snickers) Now that the president has kind of messed up to say, “Well, he didn’t mean that literally.” But when a president speaks, especially in an international crisis, those words matter. It’s no time to wing it. Frankly, his generals cannot allow him to go out unscripted.

RUSH: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute, what? The generals “cannot allow him to go out unscripted”? The generals can’t “allow”? Are the generals running the show? The generals can’t allow Trump? Do the generals have the authority to stop Trump from saying whatever he wants? You know what I heard? Tell me if you think this is true. There’s a story, a bzzbzzbzz, that new chief of staff, General John Kelly, is trying to get approval rights over Trump’s tweets. Have you heard this?

The chief of staff wants to see Trump’s tweets before they’re tweeted out and Trump is supposedly outraged. He is supposedly ticked. Nobody is going to take over the Twitter feed. There’s no way. No matter what else they want, nobody’s going to touch that. I don’t know if this is true. There’s so much out there, folks, there’s no way of knowing what’s true or not. But CNN is scared to death. They’re playing the nuke-is-coming siren in Hawaii getting people prepped for it, and now Begala wants the generals to somehow shut Trump up — and Trump is worried that Kelly might try to oversee the tweets. This is not good, folks.


RUSH: A little trivia question, a little pop quiz question because the news is out there that Susan Rice of the Obama administration is saying that we just need to learn to tolerate the North Koreans having nuclear weapons just like we learned to live with the Soviets and the Russians and whoever else has them. We’re not on a constant state of war footing with every nation that has them. Why are we with North Korea? Well, that’s a subject matter best answered on its own.

But I do have a trivia question. The Russians, Soviet Union. Does anybody in this audience know how the Soviets got the nuclear bomb? Anybody? Snerdley, do you know? How did the Soviet Union get the nuclear bomb? Do you have any idea? (interruption) They didn’t steal anything from us. They did get the know-how, the technology from us, but they didn’t steal anything. It was Ethel and Julius Rosenberg who gave it to them, the spies. I don’t expect the Millennials or even the Gen X-ers to know this.

But the Rosenbergs — husband and wife, Julia and Ethel Rosenberg — they were spies — literally gave the Russians the material, the tech on how to build nuclear weapons. Do you know what we did to the Rosenbergs? We executed them. They were spies. We executed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. To this day, American leftists are outraged over this, but we did it. Now, how did the North Koreans get nuclear weapons?

The Bill Clinton administration is how they got nuclear weapons. They snookered us. They promised diplomacy and negotiation. All they would do is ramp up their nuclear power plants. It’s the same thing Iran did with Obama. They end up nuking up behind our backs while we supposedly weren’t noticing. I don’t think that Clinton will face the same fate as the Rosenbergs, but that’s what we used to do to spies who gave away American secrets.


RUSH: Looky here! We actually have a caller from Honolulu. His name is Fred. Great to have you, sir. I imagine you’re responding to the CNN sound bite we played where the air raid or the-nuclear-weapon-is-headed-our-way siren?

CALLER: (garbled connection) That’s true, Rush. They still play that siren once a month here to test. So it’s nothing new for us.

RUSH: Where do they play it?

CALLER: They play it in… It’s sirens that are based on telephone poles all over the whole island system.

RUSH: Oh, it’s outside? This is not something broadcast on TV? They actually play the sirens on speakers?

CALLER: Oh, it’s broadcast on TV and on the radio, too. So it’s everywhere.

RUSH: And what do they say? “This is a test. Do not panic. This is just a test of the system”?

CALLER: (garbled static) That’s true.

RUSH: Uh, okay. We’re starting to lose his connection there. Well, grab sound bite number nine. Let’s listen to what this woman said, Sara Sidner at CNN. Now that we have a resident saying they do it all the time, do it once a month, here’s her report.

SIDNER: They want people to know what this sound is and what to do when this sound goes off, uh, in the event that there is actually a nuclear attack. I have it here for you. I’m going to play it for you off of the phone. Here’s what it sounds like, Brooke… (siren) So that will go on and on and it sort of, y’know, sounds like a wave.

RUSH: Right, okay. So it’s Hawaii’s preparations against the threat of a nuclear attack from North Korea. They want people to know what the sound is. Now, our caller there says, “Hey, we already know; they play it once a month.” Now, I’ve been to Hawaii many, many, many times. I’ve never heard the siren. (interruption) First of the month? Well, I have to go back and look at my calendar, see if I’ve been there the first of the month.

Well, I know I’ve been there on a couple of New Year’s days. But I haven’t been outside the whole time, and I… (interruption) Oh, I would hear it. I may not know what it is. I hear it. Environmental sounds are ten times louder than voices. I would not miss it. I would hear it. Now, if I’m inside? I don’t know. But I’m very seldom am inside in Hawaii because you can’t smoke cigars inside. So I’m outside most of the time. I’m not saying anything here. I’m just saying I haven’t heard it — and yes, I would hear it if it’s there. It’s going to be played at a very, very loud volume level. That would be the point.

Richard in Konawa, Oklahoma, welcome to the EIB Network, hello.

CALLER: Rush, it’s Konawa, Oklahoma.

RUSH: Sorry about that. I had to guess at the pronunciation.

CALLER: (chuckling) Well, it’s actually pronounced both ways. Let me tell you my point first and that is should we go back to bomb shelters, like we did through the 1950s? And, by the way, I was —

RUSH: Did your family have one when you were growing up?

CALLER: No, we did not have one. However (chuckles), friends of ours that had bomb shelters were threatening to keep their neighbors — including us — out if there was an attack because there would not be enough food and supplies for their family.

RUSH: Right. I can tell you, I grew up during that era, and I remember. I remember people really getting into the idea of bomb shelters, whether they should have one or not. I knew some people that did. They were out in the backyard. They were above ground. They had canned goods, yuck-o water and yuck-o turnips and stuff, whatever in there. We went through the drills in grade school where we had to practice ducking and sitting under our desks in case of a nuclear attack.

I mean, that’s how prevalent it was. That’s how on everybody’s mind it was. It was considered a legitimate threat. It occupied a lot of foreground attention for a while, and it was the direct result of Nikita Khrushchev coming to the United Nations and taking off his shoe and banging it on the podium and promising to bury American children and grandchildren. He was conducting a verbal threat at the United Nations, and the Soviet Union was considered very scary and unpredictable enemy.

From the moment that I am old enough to remember anything, nuclear, nuclear preparedness, nuclear concern, nuclear panic, it was a part of growing up. Now, I personally can’t tell you why I didn’t get into it from the standpoint of fear. I thought… Folks, look, my mother accused me of being a smart-aleck at earliest age eight, and I remember thinking: “Are you kidding me? We’re going to be safe ducking under these little desks in the classroom? Are you kidding?”

I never believed that, and I never believed the bomb shelters were going to make any significant difference either. What I do remember is how so many people thought all of this was a genuine/real possibility — and it was, as I say, it was a foreground thing. Not at all like today where prior to this incident with North Korea, it nowhere near… The last time I remember it being a front and center issue was in the ’80s.

And interestingly, it was when another Republican was president. That was Reagan. And I remember Phil Donahue with actress after actress from Hollywood going on his show practically in tears and panic, asking (sobbing), “Phil, do you know what it’s been like to grow up with the threat of nuclear Holocaust every day? Do you know Phil?” “I certainly do and it’s a horrible thing.” It seems like these panic-filled moments occur only when there are Republican presidents is my recollection on this.


RUSH: The latest North Korea story, if you really want to know the impetus… It’s fascinating to me to follow these timelines. We’re all going along just fine. Kim Jong-un is who he is. He’s mouthing off and he’s launching his little podunks here and there — and then, out of the blue, we get a news story. We get a news story that just blows everything up. It occupies everybody’s attention. It focuses everybody’s attention in the establishment, in the Drive-Bys.

Of course, every news story today — the New York Times, Washington Post, I don’t care what the subject matter, every news story, prominent news story, front page news story — is designed somehow, related somehow to Trump’s unfitness, incompetence, dangerousness, effort to get rid of him. It’s all part of that effort, whatever the story is. So is this North Korea story. The North Korea story is not about the safety of the United States, per se, and it’s not about Kim Jong-un as a legitimate threat.

The North Korea story is being covered in a way to illustrate that Donald Trump is actually who is endangering the world, that Donald Trump is endangering the United States. And why? Not because he’s going to push the button to launch any nukes. No! It’s because he doesn’t know how to speak in a polite, presidential way that won’t provoke somebody with nuclear weapons to launch. In the liberal world, the media world, the Democrat world, if Kim Jong-un — who right now supposedly is targeting Guam.

You know what I think we ought to do? We ought to announce that we’re moving Guam to just off the coast of California and then send a press release out to tell Kim Jong-un to change the coordinates; that we went out there and we got hold of Guam — we lassoed Guam — and we’ve towed it near Catalina Island. I’m just kidding. See, they have no sense of humor. They have no… Oh, I guarantee you these leftists, if they hear that, they’re foaming right now.

But the point is if — if — Kim Jong-un does launch a test missile, if he launches, I guarantee you, in this perverted media culture in which we live, he will be the last person blamed for it. They’ll blame Trump! They’re setting it up now. They want to blame Trump for everything. Here, let me grab one sound bite to illustrate this again, and it is sound bite number nine. I’m sorry, sound bite number, da da da da… I think it’s 11. Yeah, sound bite 11. This is Douglas Brinkley, a so-called, noted presidential historian.

He’s so noted that he’s in a different university every two years. He’s been at Tulane in New Orleans. He’s been someplace in Washington. Now he’s at Rice University in Houston, and he was on Anderson Cooper last night, and he was talking about Trump’s fire-and-fury comment regarding North Korea, and Tillerson making more moderate statements. He decided to compare General Mattis, who is the defense secretary, to General Kelly, who is the chief of staff, and how they’re treating Trump.

BRINKLEY: He did go mad by ’73-’74. By the end of the administration, Kissinger would go in and hear Nixon say bomb people to the, y’know, bejesus. And Kissinger would say, “Yes, sir,” walk out, and say, “Disregard Richard Nixon.” We may have a case here where Mattis and Kelly are just sort of kind of not listening to Donald Trump. I mean, he’s been deeply erratic this year. And suddenly the public is going to have confidence that Donald Trump actually is very sly and is playing a madman game, seems to be being reckless. The American public would be reckless.

RUSH: I don’t know if you caught the beginning of the bite, but he said, “Nixon did go mad by ’73 or ’74.” So once again the pattern holds here. Only Republican presidents are erratic, lunatics, insane, dangerous cowboys — “amiable dunces,” like Ronald Reagan. Nixon went mad, and now Trump is the worst of all of the elements that they hate about Republicans. Now, I happen to know, because I have spoken to Dr. Kissinger about this. I happen to know the actual details of this, and it’s not that Nixon was mad.

It was not that Nixon was insane. It was, on occasion, Nixon would have too much to drink. He’d call Kissinger and say, “Bomb Damascus. Get the Seventh Fleet over there and bomb Damascus.” Everybody knew that they’d go through the motions and don’t bomb Damascus and so forth. Now, when these stories are originally told, people freak. “Are you kidding me? The president…?” I only know Dr. Kissinger’s side of this. Believe it or not. I chose to.

But you take this, when Kissinger told me the story it was more of a humorous thing. It was not (impression), “It was a terrible, terrible time. The president of the United States was going to bomb the world.” Nothing like that. It was lighthearted stuff, and the kind of insider chat that you get. I didn’t get the impression that there was anybody that thought Nixon was “mad.” This is the interpretation. The point is they want to take things like that that have not been attributed… Trump doesn’t even drink. They want to take these stories and attribute them to Trump.

So here you have Douglas Brinkley saying that Mattis and Kelly are ignoring Trump like Kissinger ignored Nixon after he went mad. Nixon was not ignored when he meant it, and what we’re getting here now is, we’ve had Paul Begala in the previous bite make the point that the generals are not listening to Trump. Begala actually said what that we need to do is the generals “cannot allow” Trump to say things.

So Begala wants the generals to stop Trump from saying these insane things. Douglas Brinkley is saying that the generals are ignoring when Trump says these insane things like “fire and fury” and all of that.

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