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RUSH: Okay, folks, a big announcement on Monday by Anthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield. They’ve decided to pull out of the Obamacare exchange in Nevada completely.

Previously they said it would offer healthcare plans in three urban Nevada counties. But now, instead of a partial withdrawal, they are all the way outta there.

Now, after the pullout announcement, Nevada’s insurance commissioner issued a happy talk statement. Her name is Barbara Richardson and she said that she was “optimistic that there will be coverage for consumers” on the Obamacare exchange.

Read between her lines. She’s “optimistic.” In other words, she’s not sure. And if she isn’t sure, then you people in Nevada who were depending on Obamacare, better make other plans.

But why the sudden change of heart at Anthem? What happened to make the company go for the complete pullout? The company blames political uncertainty surrounding Obamacare’s future.

In other words, it’s imploding.

Folks, Anthem is just the latest outfit to pull out of the exchanges. But they’re not the last. In the next few months, as we enter the enrollment period, you’ll see massive premium increases and you’ll likely see more companies pull the plug.

The bottom line is businesses hate uncertainty and health insurance companies will do everything possible to make sure they don’t get stuck holding the losing hand. The implosion that Trump talked about, if Obamacare wasn’t repealed, is on the way. The dirty little secret is that’s the design. That’s the intention.

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