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RUSH: The Inspector General for Tax Administration recently audited the IRS. It sounds strange, but it actually happened — and you know what he found?

He found the IRS rehired 200 employees who never should have been rehired. Not a surprise, though. This rehiring spree took place under Barack Obama from January 2015 until March 2016.

Now, some of these people rehired had accessed sensitive taxpayer information even though they were not authorized to do so. Others were originally let go from the IRS for falsifying employment records or other documents. There were also cases where these bad apples were accused of disrupting the workplace or having excessive absences from work. Some even had violated IRS codes.

But under the Obama Regime, those misdeeds were resume enhancements, apparently. These schlubs were rehired by the IRS.

And for some reason that nobody can figure out, Obama’s guy is still running the IRS — this Koskinen guy. Despite a record of open hostility to the Republicans during the hearings on IRS targeting of conservative political groups.

The only surprise is that Obama and his minions didn’t try to rehire Lois Lerner. Maybe they didn’t have to. Who knows what these re-hired malcontents have being doing since they came back to the swamp?

But one thing is sure: This is a big red flag, folks. It would be wise if someone in the Trump administration got a handle on it quick and moved them back out of there.

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