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RUSH: There is news here — polling data on the support for Trump’s immigration plan, the RAISE Act — and it’s huge. The overwhelming majority of people hugely support Trump’s immigration reforms. We talked about it earlier in the week. This is the immigration plan that was announced by Senators Cotton and Perdue that is the essence of common sense immigration. It’s just pure, 100% common sense. It’s merit-based in terms of who gets in.

Can they support themselves? Do they speak English? Do they love America? Are they going to become good citizens? This erupted into this silly debate in the White House pressroom between the briefer, Stephen Miller, and this idiot at CNN, Jim Acosta. This lack of common sense — this inability to just ascertain common sense, decency, and goodness — is paralyzing our country. It literally is paralyzing our ability to progress, to move in positive and uplifting directions.

I predicted that… It was fascinating to watch Stephen Miller detail the RAISE Act in the White House press briefing and to look at that press corps be clueless. They were literally clueless as to what he was talking about. They have been so mis-, ill-, mal-educated. They are so corrupt with narrative and agenda bias, that common sense is not even detectable. It doesn’t permeate the outer boundaries they’ve built, which lets nothing in if it isn’t something that advances their agenda.

Their agenda, of course, is rooted in the fact that America’s guilty, that America is the problem in the world, that America is why there’s poverty, that America is why there’s discrimination, that America is why people want to get into the country because we have caused all this hardship around the world. It’s just it’s maddeningly obscene. Stephen Miller is going through it, and it’s just nothing but common sense. I’m sitting watching it; I’m saying, “There’s no way this is gonna pass. There’s no way. Even the Senate…

Republicans net Senate are not gonna have the guts to push this through and past the controversy which was epitomized by Jim Acosta trying to say that our immigration policy is rooted in an Emma Lazarus poem on the inside of the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, which has nothing to do with immigration! But to these people, the Statue of Liberty is immigration policy. They have a total misunderstanding of what the Statue of Liberty is, what it represents, what its purpose, what its symbolism is. Nothing! They don’t understand any of it.

Now a poll has been taken of the American people. The American people love this immigration proposal, the RAISE Act, because it is nothing more than standard common sense. We’ve been living under an immigration bill since 1965, which is fraught with a bunch of mistakes, which leads to all this illegal immigration because that law is not be enforced and hasn’t been for quite a while, ’cause immigration’s become an entitlement to the left.

Immigration is nothing more than a way to further voter registration rolls, to create a permanent underclass that the Democrat Party thinks it needs. But it’s frustrating as all get out to me to realize that something as popular as this — with such broad support, rooted in common sense — doesn’t have a prayer. At least sitting here today, it doesn’t have a prayer. The media is gonna do everything they can to kill it, and even the august John McCain… Did you hear what McCain’s done? McCain says when they get back from the recess, to hell with this RAISE Act.

He’s gonna put together the Gang of Eight again and they’re gonna go for the old “comprehensive immigration reform,” which means amnesty. McCain says he’s gonna reconstitute the Gang of Eight and try to bring back to life “comprehensive immigration reform,” which is code words for amnesty, as a means of fighting this act. Because, again, this is associated with Trump, and we can’t have Trump prevailing. We can’t have Trump’s reform, even if it means the country will benefit royally. We really can’t have it work then!

Congress is gonna let the RAISE Act die. The Democrats will let it die ’cause they hate anything Trump does. The Republicans gonna let it die because the Chamber of Commerce won’t like it, and they also don’t want Trump to succeed. No one in the establishment’s gonna give a damn about anything the voters actually care about, except for Trump. Trump is the only person in Washington who appears — and I’m including a lot of media in this.

He’s apparently the only person in Washington who actually cares what the American people want. He seems to be the only man in Washington who really cares about the circumstances of the American people! Stop and think about that. Can you name somebody else who really seems to? Everybody seems to have some other priority. Not you, not the American people, not people who vote. There’s other special interest priorities or there is fealty to the swamp or loyalty to the establishment.

Can you…? Let me ask: Can you think of a liberal who’s actually interested in the betterment of the country and the American people as they vote? Can you think of a Republican who is? Can you think of a conservative who is? Can you think of anybody in the conservative media — let’s say in the print conservative media — who’s actually actively for assisting an agenda that is beneficial to the American people? Can you think of ’em? There may be somebody, but can you think of ’em?

(interruption) Well, Snerdley’s trying to name one. You’re thinking people like Louie Gohmert. (interruption) Daniel Horowitz, yeah. (interruption) So… (interruption) Yeah, but on balance? You have to stop and think about it, don’t you? Names just don’t jump off the page at you? (interruption) Well, yeah, obviously people in talk radio. I’m really not talking about the obvious. I’m talking about people who already aren’t in that position. Trump is the only guy in elected office. Lt’s just leave it in elected politics.

Name for me somebody in elective politics who is as openly in favor of policies that advance the American people as Trump is. He has to bring them all along. Look, he’s got some support. I don’t mean to say that he’s isolated. But I’m trying to illustrate that the swamp is in massive ways aligned against him. Now, this polling data is 10 polls in 10 swing states conducted by NumbersUSA, which is “a pro-reform group trying to pressure senators to either support or be neutral in the populist versus elite fight over immigration.”

Sixty-one percent of people in Michigan, for example, “strongly support setting up rules to ensure that businesses give first preference for jobs to American workers and legal immigrants already in the country before businesses can ask for new immigrant workers.” The bottom line is that this group has released polling data from Florida, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Those states were won by Donald Trump in 2016.

They will get to vote for or against incumbent Democrat senators next November. In all of these states, people overwhelmingly prefer the RAISE Act, the Trump immigration reform bill that was detailed earlier this week. And it’s gonna die. I really want to be wrong about this. It doesn’t have to. Trump could keep pushing it. We’ll see. But just looking at the initial reaction to it, the total lack of ability to understand it explains why we have been so paralyzed and why it’s so difficult to get things going.

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