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RUSH: Champaign, Illinois, Sandy. Great to have you. How are you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing wonderful. Wonderful to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I have a little story to tell. I’ll make it quick. Twenty-three years ago, in 1994, my husband and I were going on our 20th anniversary trip. He was listening to you, and I got so mad ’cause I am ashamed to say I was a Clintonite. And he wouldn’t stop listening, and I said, “I’m gonna go all the way to the back of the van if you don’t turn that off.” And he said, “Just listen.” So I start listening, and I was converted very quickly. (laughing) I’m happy to say I’ve been listening to you for 23 years.

RUSH: No kidding.


RUSH: It was your husband. Why had you resisted prior to that?

CALLER: Well, because, you know, you listen to the liberals — I mean, we worked on Jimmy Carter’s campaign.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: But that’s sad.

RUSH: All the more reason, why did you stick with the Democrat Party after that?

CALLER: I don’t know. But my husband was with Reagan, and I was really fighting it. I was very young. We got married when I was 17. Didn’t have to. That was just what we did back then.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: I started listening to you and was doing more research and figuring out, “Okay, I need to mature here and grow up, because this isn’t the way to go.” And I always tell my friends that are Democrats, I say, “I just grew up.” And they don’t like that, but —

RUSH: Well, of course not.

CALLER: That’s what happened.

RUSH: But you also had fallen prey or victim to all of the nonsensical stuff said about me —


RUSH: — and the program, and you believed it. “That’s horrible. This guy’s ick, I don’t want anything –” and you’d never listened.


RUSH: Your husband did, but since it was your husband, you didn’t believe him, he was biased. You had to hear it for yourself and he had to insist on it. What was it like, that moment when you first began to think you might have been wrong in your judgments about this program?

CALLER: I felt pretty foolish because the whole Clinton thing was going on with the dress and Lewinsky, and I remember Hillary on television saying this is just a conservative — you know, they’re trying —

RUSH: She said it was a vast right-wing conspiracy out to get them.

CALLER: That’s right. And I remember that —

RUSH: Wait a minute, now, Sandy, wait a minute. She said that on the Today show. Did you actually — do not misunderstand the tone of my voice; I’m simply seeking information. Did you actually believe her when she said that?

CALLER: No. I didn’t. I just saw it —

RUSH: You know, a lot of people did. A lot of people actually believed, those of us — and at the time I was the Mister Big in the vast right-wing conspiracy, and they were accusing us of actually ordering the pizza and arranging for Monica Lewinsky to be at the White House to go accept the delivery and then take the pizza to Clinton in the Oval Office and then magic happened. We apparently made all that happen, the vast right-wing conspiracy. People believed it.

CALLER: Yeah. Well, you know, I know men, and even though I was younger back then, I know what my friends’ husbands did and I was like, you know, this just isn’t true. He has done these things. I mean, if you really look at him and watch him, and what I don’t understand is like today, liberals get away with everything. I can’t believe what is going on. When you said they kicked ICE out of California, I was like, how can this possibly be happening in our country? I just don’t get it.

RUSH: Join the crowd. I could easily explain to you how it happens. It would just be a further explanation, definition of liberals, but the real question is, why is it permitted to happen? And that’s where Trump has the opportunity to be the biggest difference that we’ve had. Republicans have just forever looked the other way when Clinton was doing things. I’m talking about other than the impeachment process, which is about something else. But if nobody’s gonna stop you, you can get away with anything.

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