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RUSH: Fareed Zakaria GPS — Fareed Zakaria Global Positioning Satellite — was on CNN’s New Day yesterday morning. These people are still trying to tell themselves that they didn’t lose the election; that Trump, yeah, he won it, but it’s not because of them. It’s the Russians! It’s collusion. It’s anything but them. It’s not the Democrat Party’s policies. It wasn’t the fact that Obama was unpopular, wasn’t any of that. No, no, no! It’s got to be something else.

They are constantly searching for an answer that will placate them. Fareed Zakaria GPS answers this. “The election of Donald Trump is really a kind of class rebellion against people like us,” he said. He was including himself here in the “us.” And who is this “us”? Well, according to Fareed Zakaria GPS, “The election of Donald Trump is really a kind of class rebellion against people like us. You know, educated professionals who live in cities, who have, you know, cosmopolitan views about a lot of things.

“And I think there’s a whole part of America that is sick and tired of being told what to do by this, you know, over-educated professional elite that Hillary Clinton in many ways perfectly represented. And that’s why they’re sticking with him.” See, that just bugs ’em. It just… They can’t figure it out, because they have devoted themselves daily to the objective of making everybody that voted for Trump hate him. They want you people that voted Trump to renounce him. They want you to publicly express your shock and anger at Trump.

They want you to abandon him! And that’s what their objective has been with the Russian collusion. I mean, there have been many objectives like get rid of Trump. But they realized the best way to get rid of Trump is to get rid of you supporting him. It is to end your support for him, and it’s not happening. Even as Trump’s approval number in Rasmussen is at 38%, Trump’s base is still with him. Trump’s base, there might have been some erosion — oh, maybe anywhere from two to four points — but it’s pretty much solid.

Trump’s base is with him. They’re not going anywhere. So they’re in this endless quest to find out why. Why can’t they convince you that Trump is a pig? Why can’t they convince you to abandon Trump and embrace them? This is Fareed Zakaria’s stab at it, one of many. “Class rebellion.” You people out there that voted for Trump, you realize you’re not educated, and you realize you’re not sophisticated, and you realize you’re not cosmopolitan, and you don’t live in cities.

As such, you’re not nearly the quality of people as represented by Hillary Clinton and Fareed Zakaria GPS. So you have deep resentment for being talk down to and being told what to do by these people who think they’re much better than you, and this was your way of telling those people to pack it in and cram it. That’s why you will continue to stay with Trump or why you will not abandon him. Now, Trump is not universally popular, but he remains popular with his base and the Drive-Bys are fixated on trying to figure out why.

After all this anti-Trump propaganda — I mean, seven straight months — and they can’t. I told them from the beginning of Trump’s campaign they wouldn’t be able to do it. I told everybody. The reason is that they had nothing to do with creating this bond. That’s all Trump. The only guy that can blow up this relationship is Trump — and, so far, he hasn’t. Now, Fareed Zakaria also blamed “racism” and “diversity” for Trump’s rise. Fareed Zakaria GPS said:

“He [Trump] knew that the election of a black president had stirred a kind of ugly racial animus. A small subset but he knew how to get them. A real sense of cultural alienation — older, white, non-college education — Americans have, a sense that their country is changing because of immigrants” and people of color, and they don’t like it, and Trump tapped into it. And they’re telling themselves that too. They don’t understand. The Fareed Zakarias of the world think that all of that is rooted in racism and bigotry. They haven’t the slightest idea.

You know what they don’t understand? It’s really not complicated. You know what the Fareed Zakaria GPS’s of the world don’t understand? Patriotism. In its basic form, they don’t understand it. In fact, they mock it. They mock love of country. They mock people that respect the flag. They mock institutions that honor the military. Take a look at it. Take a look at what Saturday Night Live makes fun of. Take a look at what any late-night comedian makes fun of. It’s all of you people who are unmistakably patriotic and love your country.

I am not kidding about this. To people like Fareed Zakaria GPS, love of country is a… “That’s so, so lower class. That’s so, so ignorant. Don’t you know there aren’t countries anymore? We were on the road here to getting rid of nation states and boundaries and borders. We’re on the way to a globalist utopia. What do you mean love-of-country? That doesn’t mean anything.” All it means to them is that you’re an uneducated fool. To them, if you oppose this new definition of “cosmopolitan,” it must be because you hate people of color.

It must mean that you hate people who are not one of the two sexes and it must be because you hate this or you hate that. They don’t understand the fear that exists with the cultural rot that’s taking place. Because, in their world, this expansion of the culture to basically have no boundaries? To them, that’s liberation, that’s growth, that’s all kinds of wonderful things! They don’t see at all what people fear is taking place, and that is the dissolution of the greatest culture that created the greatest country in the history of humanity.

So they are the simpletons, they are the bigots, and they are the people with a prejudice that is patently obvious, and yet they don’t see that ’cause they’re so sophisticated and they’re so refined and they’re so intellectual. Meaning: They’re such deep thinkers you can’t even keep up with ’em. In fact, they’re simple-minded simpletons, and their discriminatory themselves in the way they look at people. Joy Reid is another example. (phone ringing) Now, we don’t have audio of this because I have a ban on MSNBC.

(ringing) I didn’t care to lift the ban for this. I knew about… (ringing) I found out about this last night. (ringing) What’s happening here? My watch is going nuts. Hang on. Let me… (interruption) Yeah, yeah. I heard that. I just took care of it. Hang on a minute. You know, there’s so much spam. Let me just get rid of it. There we go. My watch started vibrating, the Taptic Engine in the watch. I said, “What the hell?” I was getting some kind of alert. I look at it. “No, I don’t want to call back. Dismiss this.” See, it’s not somebody I knew because the phone number displayed. I went through this last week.

If the phone number displays without a name, it means it’s somebody I do not know, and I don’t have to answer the phone to find that out. Let me run through this again. If the name of the person calling was in my address book, their name and picture would show up on the screen when the phone rang. If I knew them and their number had not been in my address book but was in an email somewhere on the phone, the phone would have found that and displayed their name next to the phone number all before the phone rang. But since only the number displayed, that told me I don’t know them.

So I sent the call straight to voice mail, and I don’t set up voice mail. So when I send people to voice mail, I’m literally sending them nowhere. No, I have not lost my place. Joy Reid, PMSNBC. I have a ban. And I didn’t want to lift the ban. But this actually kind of puzzles me here. The headline of the story, it’s a Mediaite story, and it’s simply a story of something that she said on her show on PMSNBC I guess it was Tuesday. That’d be yesterday.

Here’s the way the story reads: “MSNBC host and consistent race-baiter Joy Reid said on Tuesday that Donald Trump‘s success in the election can be attributed to tapping into the racism, ‘vulgarity,’ ‘anger and rage’ of the American people that is best exemplified by [Rush Limbaugh].” Fareed Zakaria GPS (paraphrasing), “Well, you know, Trump’s people, he knew how to tap into the fact that they’re racists and they’re angry.” And here’s Joy Reid on the same page.

In their never-ending quest to explain why they were rejected, they recycle the same old wads of complaints that I have had to listen to for 25, 30 years. “Reid specifically named Rush Limbaugh as a purveyor of ‘anger and rage’ proving that she has never listened” to this program. Here’s what she actually said.

“Donald Trump recognized better than they did, better than Jeff Flake did, better than John McCain did, that he could simply identify with the text of what people were saying on talk radio or listening to when they heard Rush Limbaugh, the anger and rage they felt all the time, the sense of political correctness, meaning, ‘I can’t say these things because I can’t keep my job and be in polite society.'”

She is incoherent most of the time and her incoherence took about half a paragraph there to show up. But why do I keep getting mentioned in this never ending diatribe? Well, I know they’ve been fixated on me for years because just like they haven’t been able to separate Trump supporters from Trump, they have not been able to convince you to abandon this program. And they have tried.

So this is the latest attempt, and you can see that it’s got some very consistent aspects to it, almost like it’s coordinated. Joy Reid and Fareed Zakaria GPS, highly sophisticated, highly educated, highly cosmopolitan. We are in a class rebellion against people like this because we don’t like them, because we’re racists and bigots. It’s the same tired, worn-out — folks, this is why the Democrat Party has nothing. They’ve got nothing. They don’t have issues. They don’t have an agenda. In fact, I need to run through this in even greater detail.

I’m gonna take a break, though, and get to phone calls because I promised I would do that, as I enforce Lieutenant General Kelly discipline on myself here.


RUSH: Duluth, Georgia. This is Sherry. Welcome, great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s good to be here. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Democrat, but I am a moderate, not a liberal.

RUSH: That’s okay.

CALLER: Thank you. (laughing) I heard your comments about the Zakaria article about why people voted for Trump. And I think you gave that article a bit of injustice because I read that article actually days ago, and I thought it was not at all demeaning to the people who voted for Trump and was very explanatory —

RUSH: What article did you read? Where was it from?

CALLER: It was on CNN, ’cause Zakaria works for CNN.

RUSH: Right. Yeah. I didn’t actually see Fareed Zakaria GPS. I have a Washington Free Beacon story about it and let me read this paragraph to you. “Zakaria also blamed racism and diversity on Trump’s rise.” Quote Zakaria: “He knew that the election of a black president had stirred a kind of ugly racial animus. A small subset but he knew how to get them. A real sense of cultural alienation, older, white, noncollege education Americans have, a sense that their country is changing because of immigrants.” That’s why I said that Fareed Zakaria GPS had —

CALLER: Yeah, and I know he was supposed to have a show on that I did not see, so I can’t speak for what was in the show, but nothing is like that in the article, which, like I said, I thought —

RUSH: I just read the article to you!

CALLER: No, I’m looking at the article right now. No, no, no. I mean the actual Zakaria article.

RUSH: You mean what he wrote?

CALLER: What he wrote.

RUSH: Well, this was Zakaria explaining on TV, on TV Monday morning, not what his article said.

CALLER: Oh, okay. Yeah, I did not — I go to work, so I didn’t see Monday morning.

RUSH: Well, I understand. That’s why you need this program. See? You’ve been laboring under a misunderstanding because you read Fareed Zakaria GPS instead of watching him on TV. We do that, and we tell people what to think after we do that.

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