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RUSH: Last week, police say Sergio Jose Martinez broke into the apartment of a 65-year-old Portland, Oregon woman. Martinez is accused of binding the woman’s hands and feet, and brutally sexually assaulting her.

Following that attack, Martinez allegedly confronted another Portland woman — this time in a parking garage — and threatened to kill her with a knife.

Sergio Jose Martinez, a Mexican national, is no stranger to law enforcement. Police records show he’s been arrested at least 20 times. His rap sheet includes hit-and-run charges, burglary, drug possession, and auto theft. He has been deported 13 times, most recently in November of 2016.

After Martinez was jailed the last time, ICE lodged an immigration detainer against him. But like many Oregon counties, this one offers sanctuary to illegal immigrants and police are forbidden to help immigration officials. So Sergio Jose Martinez was allowed to walk free.

We’ve seen enough of these cases to know the drill. The plights of the victims, like the brutally assaulted 65-year old woman, are of no interest to Drive-By-Media news outlets.

And the liberals who run these sanctuary cities are never held accountable for the lethal consequences of their decisions. Their sympathy is saved for those who commit these vicious crimes while in our country illegally. It’s time to end this, President Trump.

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