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RUSH: The Democrat Party trouble stories. The headline: “Pew: Most Americans Say Democratic Party Has Become Too Statist.” We touched on this yesterday, but there’s some more detail in it that betrays the real problems the Democrat Party is having. When you have a national poll, and the Pew people are, if anything, they lean left themselves — if they have a poll result out there saying most Americans say the Democrat Party’s become too statist — who introduced that word in the lexicon, by the way?

The Drive-By Media didn’t. Statist? Whoever began to think of the Democrats this way? Now we got a poll out there — now, I know the headline writers’ interpretation is this way, but what it means is that most Americans say the Democrat Party has become too much Big Government. The Democrat Party’s become associated with too much of the idea that the government is the solution and the answer to all problems. This is music to our ears. This is something 30 years ago, if you would have told me we could have accomplished, I would have told you we’d be ruling the roost. To make people think this has been the objective. And what are we doing with it? Zip, zero, nada! It is amazing.

Thirty years ago it would have been the greatest gift in the world to be able to be told, “It won’t take long, Mr. Limbaugh, but if you keep doing what you’re doing, you and everybody else that’s in the conservative media, you’re gonna eventually convince people that the Democrat Party’s association with Big Government is a bad thing,” and here it has happened. And it could be capitalized upon. But it isn’t being, except here! And elsewhere in conservative media.

There’s another story. “Democrats’ Own Poll Shows White Working Class Voters Prefer Republican Policies by Wide Margin.” Not Republicans, but Republican policies. White working class. Can I tell you who that is? That’s the old Democrat union coalition! The working class are people that have jobs, and these jobs are the ones that are being identified as vulnerable to technological advancement — robotics, automation. And they know it! The Democrat Party has always been the party that has thought to be looking out for the little guy.

Well, what’s happening here, the little guy is realizing that he’s remaining the little guy. After all of these years of the Democrat Party looking out for the little guy, the little guy’s still little. They’re figuring out the Democrat Party’s promises are meaningless. They’re figuring out the Democrat Party believes in a gigantic, ever growing government, but nobody else benefits from it except a select few Democrat beneficiaries and the Democrats themselves.

Another, another result. Republican Party policy said to be preferred by white working-class voters, and the Democrats willingly gave them away. Obama and the Democrats in November of 2011 announced, essentially, that they were abandoning the white working class voter in favor of a coalition of every minority group they could envision, and that’s what they’ve done. And the Democrat Party is in the process of alienating itself from the mainstream of this country.

I don’t think the Republican Party sees that. Because the media doesn’t report it. And the media doesn’t report that, many of the Republicans in Washington are never going to see it. John Kraushaar has a piece in the National Journal: “The Emerging Democrat Minority — If Democrats can’t take advantage of Trump’s troubles in next year’s midterms, they could be out of power in Congress for a long time.” That ought to be the objective. That’s not guaranteed to happen, by the way, Democrats continuing to lose, and including 2008.


RUSH: Here’s the thing about the Democrats and the left, folks. You know, they’re consistent too. They will never change their policies. They will never change their beliefs. What they change is their messaging. They have to change their messaging. Their messaging is designed to deceive. Their message is designed to mislead.

The Democrats, even today, despite what you think, cannot be honest about their real statist or Big Government intentions, ’cause they’ll lose nationwide, national elections. So they constantly have to change their messaging. But they never change who they are. And they get away with it. Their messaging is often interpreted as reflecting who they are, and it often doesn’t. And that’s why people continue to fall for it. The messaging, in their case, is what’s phony and structured.

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