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RUSH: Back we are, my friends. Great to have you with us. It is the EIB Network and Rush Limbaugh at the distinguished and prestigious Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Anti-Leftist and Anti-Media Studies, the largest free education institution in the world. No graduates, no degrees. The learning never stops, and we even change the curriculum as necessary.

“Sustainability” is a big word today. Sustainability matters. Sustainability. If you want to own the Millennial generation — if you’re an advertiser, if you are a person with a cause, if you’re in any way involved in drawing a crowd and holding the crowd or separating people from their money and your target is Millennials — say “sustainability.” I don’t know how it happened. Don’t care, doesn’t matter. “Sustainability” is one of the major things to Millennials.

That’s why the climate change argument has won them over is because the “sustainability of renewable alternative energy” is highly attractive. So I thought that we would put together just a short little review of the previous 29 years, highlighting the sustainability of the EIB Network. Some of you listening during the break here at the top of the hour may have heard it if you’re listening on the Dittocam opposite streaming from RushLimbaugh.com. Mike, you have that handy, right? Well, just give it a quick listen here. It doesn’t take long.

ANNOUNCER: During the first 29 historic years of Limbaugh, OJ Simpson went from beloved former football star, to accused murderer, to convicted armed robber — and now, newly paroled felon.

“SIMPSON”: I didn’t threaten anybody with a weapon…in prison.

ANNOUNCER: Bruce Jenner went from male to female. (knife sound) What will happen next? Who can guess?

“JENNER”: And with this ring, I thee wed.

ANNOUNCER: Rush — 29 years of sustainability on the EIB Network.

RUSH: See how it works? Twenty-nine years of sustainability! (laughing) We’re starting our 30th year of sustainability.

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