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RUSH: It’s hump day, and we have transgender news. The president has unilaterally, he’s gotten together with his generals and military experts and said it’s silly, it’s crazy. We’re not gonna have transgenders in the armed forces. He sent out the following tweets.

“After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you.” (laughing) That’s how he ends his tweet.

Now, everything’s blown up. I had the show all set and ready to go and then the audio sound bites arrive and that blows up what I had planned. And I told Mike, stand by for sound bites 1 and 2 and then 9 and 10, but that’s out now ’cause I’m trying to find the Jen Psaki sound bite. I know I saw it in here, find it for me, let me know when you’ve got it, have it standing by. Well, no, this would be a good time to use it. Jen Psaki was from the Hillary camp. She’s got traces of roots all the way back to Obama, which is where transgenders in the military originated, and they’re not happy about this.

PSAKI: It’s not a decision that any president just makes in the Oval Office by themselves. President Obama made that decision after careful consideration and consultation for months and months and months with high level members of the military who wanted the time to consider whether it could be implemented. I think this is a purely political decision and something he’s doing to try to satisfy his right wing. Nothing more than that. It’s really disappointing because there has been a lot of thought that was put into that policy.

RUSH: Yeah, you know who politicized this is these people. They’ve turned the United States military into a social experimentation playground because they don’t take it seriously. I’m talking about Democrats and primarily extreme leftists. You get ’em down into a room and nobody’s listening. They’ll tell you they think the U.S. military is one of the great problems in the world and has been because they believe the United States is one of the big problems in the world and the military is how the United States projects power. And so what they’ve been attempting to do is corrupt it with these silly little social concerns. And I would suggest to you that they’ve been successful.

So this is not a sop from Trump to his base. His base is not made up of exclusive conservatives or right-wingers or conservative social issues people. His base is a wide swath of people in this country and many of them are not doctrinaire conservatives. Many of them are not even ideological. They’re simply unhappy with what’s been going on in Washington for years.


RUSH: But back to the transgender-in-the-military issue. The president this morning issued the following tweets, three of them. I’m gonna read them as one, in order:

“After consultation with my generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender(s) in the military would entail. Thank you.” This has caused conniption fits to occur throughout the left, where transgenderism is a political issue.

It’s not a health issue, and it’s not a lifestyle issue to them. It is a political issue. Now, I’m gonna say something that might be controversial to some of you Millennials who — by virtue of your youth — may not be fully aware of the Democrat Party’s, for most of my lifetime, opposition or aversion to the U.S. military. Some of you leftists who are new to the program may take offense at my characterization of the Democrat Party and its relationship with the U.S. military. But I’m just gonna tell you how it is.

The American left, particularly the left of the last 20 years, has not considered the United States as a force for good in the world. These are people that think the United States, from its beginning days, has been immoral and unjust, a slave state — and still is — that it is committed various crimes around the world. We have attempted to “impose our way of life” on people who didn’t want freedom. I didn’t know freedom was an imposition, but the way the left talks about it, it must be.

The left has rejoiced in embarrassing episodes for our military. During the George W. Bush Iraq war, people like John Kerry were eager to pronounce American Marines as terrorists. Some of you, depending on your age, may not even know this, may not remember it. But there was a charge leveled by somebody that Marines had broken into the homes of Iraqi citizens under cover of darkness and had terrorized women and children. John Kerry and the late — what was his name, that Pennsylvania congressman — John Murtha.

Without any investigation, they just accepted the allegation and went on TV and started lamenting the terrorist-type activity of United States Marines. These were people… It dates back to the Vietnam War, but the Democrat Party, particularly the recent incarnation of it, has looked at the United States military as a problem. They have not seen the United States as the solution to problems in the world but rather we are the cause of many of them. And it is the U.S. military that is the unit that projects the power of the United States.

As such, to be consistent, they had to have very ill feelings toward the U.S. military as an institution. Not per se individuals in it, but just as the institution. They didn’t trust it. They always were trying to cut the defense budget whether they held the White House or not. I mean, it’s not arguable. As I say, it may offend some of you, depending on how young you are. The Democrat Party has instead looked at the military as a social laboratory, a place to test their various social theories. Gays in the military was one such effort. Women in combat was yet another.

And now transgenders in the military is yet another. And any honest military person will tell you that all of this social experimentation takes away from the express purpose, which is what Trump outlined it to be. The U.S. military is not an experimentation laboratory. It’s not a place to test-market various social theories or issues or desires. But that’s how the left has used it, and I dare say many on the left have sought to undermine the effectiveness of the U.S. military and essentially turn it into a welfare program sorts.

In addition to that, folks — and many of you may have forgotten this.

But throughout most of my lifetime — and John Kerry was guilty of this, too, in a speech to college students I think at Berkeley. They portray members of the U.S. military as poor sops, mostly from the South, who don’t have any other future in this country. Because this country is so unfair, and this country is so mean-spirited, and this country is so misfocused, and it’s got such lousy education system that the only way people can get an education — the only way people can escape the poverty of their upbringing — is join the military. In this way, Democrats, many of them — including in statements at their conventions — have impugned the very people who volunteer and are offering to make the ultimate sacrifice for the rest of us.

I never understood it. What is there to be gained by impugning the people that volunteer? But this has been a staple of the Democrat Party and of the left, to take shots at them. Well, they do it to run down the military. They don’t want glory associated with it. So when they see people signing up, they say, “Well, what else do they have to do? They’ve got no other choices. They’re poor, they’ve got no chance for an education. That’s the only reason they’re joining.”

They will not even acknowledge that people joining are joining because they want to serve, defend, and protect their country. It’s been one of the most outrageous things to me. And so the effort to, you know, “don’t ask, don’t tell” in the Clinton administration with gays in the military and women in combat, all of this, in my mind, has been to undermine it. While at the same time advancing what they believe is their social-political agenda, which is a quest to make all of these things that are, by virtue of a percentage of the population, not considered to be average or normal. It’s a quest to make them normal, or appear so.

And that’s what transgenders in the military is. There’s no place for this if you have a serious understanding of military and what its purpose is. Do you know what the purpose of the army is, folks? It’s real simple. The purpose of the army is to kill people and break things. It’s not to test-market various social theories. It’s not a place for people to get an education. I mean, that happens, but the purpose of the army is to defend and protect the Constitution, the country, the people of America by killing people and breaking things when called upon to do so.

And when the left has control of it, they underfund it and they change that mission. And when Republicans are in the White House using the military, that’s when Democrats will start castigating Marines and others as engaging in terror-type stuff, believing the most outrageous charges. These Marines happened to be in an operation in Haditha in Iraq when John Kerry couldn’t wait to pronounce them as having engaged in terror acts. They were terrorizing women and children in their homes at night.

So Trump comes along and, in consultation with his generals, just proclaims that we’re not gonna do this anymore. It doesn’t comport with the mission. Audio sound bite number 18. Jen Psaki. She’s the former Obama White House communications director, and she was in the same position in the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. On CNN the host John Berman said, “This was from a President Obama decision Obama made to open up the military to transgender troops. Your reaction now to Trump’s statement, what is it?”

PSAKI: It’s not a decision that any president just makes in the Oval Office by themselves. President Obama made that decision after careful consideration and consultation for months and months and months with high-level members of the military who wanted the time to consider whether it could be implemented. I think this is a purely political decision and something he’s doing to try to satisfy his right wing. Nothing more than that. It’s really disappointing because there has been a lot of thought that was put into that policy.

RUSH: And their meltdown is occurring on Twitter and elsewhere based exactly off of her comment. “This has never been done like this before! This needed more explanation! This is not how this is done! This should have been done by Mattis, Mad Dog Mattis, not Trump.” These are the people that refuse to accept Donald Trump as president, right? They refuse to accept it. That’s their whole problem. They refuse to accept Donald Trump as president. And yet these people are enraged that Donald Trump refuses to accept that women are men and that Donald Trump refuses to accept that men are women.

USA Today: “It’s unclear how Trump’s tweets will affect the estimated 6,000 transgender troops who are already in the military.” By the way, I don’t believe one thing Jen Psaki said. I don’t believe the White House studied this forever, and I don’t think they had deep consultations, and I don’t think they commissioned studies.

They knew what they wanted to do, they knew why they wanted to do it, and they looked for phony backup support to do it because they knew the vast majority the American people would oppose this, particularly the universe of American veterans. And so they commissioned a bunch of phony studies and they cherry-picked the ones that looked good to make it look like they studied it exhaustively.

I’m here to tell you, they may have gone through the motions of trying to make it appear they studied it exhaustively, but they had a knee-jerk reaction to do this the moment the president got in the White House. The same thing with gay marriage and all of these other disruptive things that are intended to be disruptive to what was and has been an established American code and culture.

So USA Today says 6,000 transgender troops. Now, run some numbers — and it may be right — my first reaction, how in the world are there 6,000 transgender troops in the military when their overall population 0.3%? Three-tenths of 1% of the population. So how do you get 6,000 of them in the military? Well, if you take the number, take that .3%, expand it to .5% and then you have the total universe of the people in the military as 1.3 to 1.5 million, then you could figuratively, theoretically come up with that number of 6,000.

The Williams Institute study says the total population of transgenders in America is 700,000. The way to look at it is that 99.7% of Americans are not. I mean, that’s the way to look at this. Ninety-nine percent of the American people are not transgender. I got take a break here, but I want to remind you of one thing that we had on this way, way back in 2015.


RUSH:  I am gonna call your attention to a piece that I first came across at Cybercast News Service back in 2015, and I’m sure many of you are going to remember this.

“Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a ‘mental disorder’ that merits treatment, that sex change is ‘biologically impossible,’ and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.”

He’s written six books, 125 peer reviewed medical articles, and actually made this series of comments in an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal back in 2015, “where he explained that transgender surgery is not the solution for people who suffer a ‘disorder of “assumption”‘ — the notion that their maleness or femaleness is different than what nature assigned to them biologically.

“He also reported on a new study showing that the suicide rate among transgendered people who had reassignment surgery is 20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-transgender people. Dr. McHugh further noted studies from Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic of children who had expressed transgender feelings but for whom, over time, 70%-80% ‘spontaneously lost those feelings.'”

Not a word was ever heard about this. There was not a scintilla of reaction to this. The pro-LGBT community didn’t say a word. They didn’t come out and rip the guy. They just ignored this. He’s since retired. He’s no longer in the public eye, if he ever was. His work just stands alone with hardly any mention whatsoever. How many you have heard parents say, “My daughter knew at four that she was a little boy”? This is what Dr. McHugh was talking about in his comment there.


RUSH: Now, what Dr. McHugh said here is, “Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic of children who had expressed transgender feelings but for whom, over time, 70%-80% ‘spontaneously lost those feelings.'” Have you heard…? I have in a story somewhere in one of the stacks from earlier this week. A parent — it was a mother — said, “My child knew at age four and certainly by age five that he was a girl.” Of course, the common sense reaction to that is that nobody four or five years old has such awareness. That is one of the…It’s a political thing.

It’s designed to discourage opposition via sympathy and encouragement, and Dr. McHugh is sawing that the studies indicate that when such feeling happen among young people, if you just stick with it, 70 to 80% of them quote-unquote outgrow it. Bottom line: I’m fascinated because there wasn’t… I thought this guy would be savaged that night after his piece ran the Wall Street Journal. I thought that the forces of the left would come out and set out to destroy this guy and Johns Hopkins. They did that with Ben Carson.

He was the preeminent brain surgeon at Johns Hopkins and they went after him — and there wasn’t a word. There was not a single word in reaction that I saw. There might have been in some obscure areas of the LGBTQ media. But in terms of mainstream, there was nothing, and I was stunned by that. By the same token, I didn’t see anybody who would have been supportive of Dr. McHugh pick it up and run with it. It just… It ran, it was published in the Wall Street Journal, and it went away. There was zilch, zero, nada reaction to it other than Cybercast News Service writing a story about the piece.


RUSH: Neil Munro. Does the name Neil Munro ring a bell? Do you know who Neil Munro is? Let me refresh your memoire. There was a White House press availability in the Rose Garden. It was Obama. And it was a no-questions press availability. So Obama’s going through whatever he’s saying, don’t remember what it was about, and Neil Munro asked the question. They chased this guy, the rest of the media chased this guy all the way to the Washington Monument to try to catch him, throw him in the media jail, because he dared violate precious White House rules.

“You can’t ask a question. He’s Obama. He said no questions. You can’t ask!” Can you imagine if they tried that with Sam Donaldson? So Neil Munro has a story, the headline: “Donald Trump’s ‘Transgender’ Declaration Preserves Americans’ Two-Sex Society.” Oh, wait ’til they see that headline.

“Trump’s decision may push the Democrats to make their unpopular transgender ideology an issue in the 2018.” Stick with me on this. The Democrats are already thinking they’ve won the House back in 2018. The media thinks that so Democrats do. The media thinks they’ve already defeated Republicans in the House and maybe even the Senate in the midterms ’cause Trump is such an idiot, because of Russia, because of the collusion. They buy into everything they say, and they convince themselves that you do, too.

So they’re convinced they’ve destroyed Trump and the Republicans in terms of reelection. Plus you add to it that Republicans can’t repeal Obamacare and won’t cut taxes. They are convinced that they’ve won the House back and maybe the Senate in 2018. They’re totally delusional.

So what Trump does, comes out with these three tweets today, effectively banning transgenders from any service in the military, and Neil Munro’s story has this little graph in it: “Trump’s decision may push the Democrats to make their unpopular transgender ideology an issue in the 2018 elections even though former President Barack Obama has said twice that the ideology helped contribute to Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016.”

Now, it helps that they think Trump is an idiot, a political idiot, a strategic idiot, a tactical idiot, just a flat-out idiot. So they never contemplate that Trump might be gaming them. They see Trump banning transgenders and they’ll only see the damage to their cause. They will not see, they will not even entertain the possibility that Trump’s thinking a year and a half down the road with this, because it is true.

Obama did say that one of the many things that Hillary did wrong was so much focus on the transgender issue, the bathroom issue and all this, because it’s such a small percentage of the population, and it doesn’t have national groundswell support behind it. It never will. This bathroom business, for example, no matter what kind of corporate blackmail is involved, that is gonna contribute to, in fact, little public support for the issue.

So here comes Trump banning transgenders, this theoretically forces Democrats in a rage to promote it, to defend it, and the LGBTQ lobby is the gay lobby and they have most of the money that funds the Democrat Party. And have you seen the fund-raising numbers, Mr. Snerdley? The Democrat National Committee is effectively broke. The Republican National Committee is overflowing with money.

And a lot of people, “How in the hell can that be, as ineffective as the Republicans are. They won’t repeal Obamacare, doesn’t look like tax reform. What in the hell are people doing donating to Republicans?” Well, I will tell you who’s doing it. The people donating to Republicans, creating that big cash flow, are simply the people who every cycle donate to the people in power. They don’t care whether they’re Republicans, Democrats, Martians, or Venezuelan. If they’re in power, they donate to them.

These are the K Street types, the lobbyists, the Chamber of Commerce. You always donate to the people in power, you give a pittance to the people off power. You play both sides, but most of your money goes to the people in power because that’s where your best chance of prevailing is with inroads, people in power. I don’t think the RNC money is coming from mom-and-pop America. I don’t think it’s coming from these 25 and $30 donations. I’d be surprised if it were.

I think I’s coming from professional donors, the people who think their job is to finance political parties and therefore government operations, and nobody, none of them are giving to Democrats. The Democrats are broke, folks. Their most reliable — don’t doubt me on this — outside of unions, the most reliable fundraising group, the Democrat Party, is the politically oriented militant gay political action committees. They are loaded with money and they give a lot of it to the Democrats, and they have absorbed the LGBTQ movement because after gay marriage, what was there left to be mad about?

So you have to pick up a new victim group that’s being savaged and mistreated and discriminated against, and the LGBTQ group fits the bill. So they’re gonna have gay money behind them, and the Democrats are gonna think that America really is offended by this, they’re gonna go to town in 2018 and it’s gonna backfire on ’em. That at least is the theory here, and it could be.


RUSH: ABC News, breaking news: The Senate Armed Services Committee was not informed of Trump’s announcement banning transgenders from the military. Needless to say, they’re ticked off. Well, Trump doesn’t do it the way the swamp has always done things in the past. He just went out and did it.

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