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RUSH: Have any of you heard of a guy named Ira Madison? Ira Madison writes at The Daily Beast.

He’s African-American. This guy has said things about Sarah Huckabee Sanders that ought to have everybody up in arms. The left has told us for how many years? “You’re not supposed to criticize people’s appearance. They can’t help it! You’re not supposed to do it, especially women. You’re not supposed to comment on the way women look! Especially now in the era of feminism, you just can’t do that.” But this guy has likened Sarah Huckabee Sanders to a drag queen. He went on a Twitter rant that’s just filled with hate.

He called her “Butch queen first time in drags at ball.” This is the guy, by the way, who cracked a “racially charged joke” about Jeff Sessions’ granddaughter. She’s Asian. This guy’s making jokes about Sessions having an Asian granddaughter because he’s Beauregard, a Southerner, and it looks weird and it’s just not supposed to happen. He also attacked Ben Carson wondering if his time in the White House was gonna be spent in the house or in the fields, as though Carson was a White House slave for Donald Trump.

This guy’s just off the reservation totally. Another person weighed in, some comedian named Akilah Hughes: “I feel like Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ left and right eyes switched places or something.” A writer for the Family Guy TV show: “Sarah Huckabee Sanders looks like every woman eating lobster on a cruise ship.” Can you imagine people making comments about Michelle and her fashion? Can you imagine if anybody dared comment on Michelle Obama, or any left-wing Democrat woman? Can you imagine the outcry? Can you imagine the outrage?

There is utter silence from women’s groups, utter silence from the feminazis, utter silence from the culture warriors on the left who are running around telling everybody how they have to behave, what they can and can’t see, what they can and can’t do. Literally no outcry whatsoever, calling Sarah Huckabee Sanders “Butch queen first time in drags at ball.” This guy Madison is a journalist, as I say, at The Daily Beast — and I’m sure he’s a journalist in great standing over there. I’m telling you, these people are so filled with hate. They are.

The left wing, the Democrat Party is the biggest hate group in this country right now. Not to mention the biggest bunch of hypocrites you’ll find, although hypocrisy never sticks to them. They get away with their hypocrisy left and right.

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