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RUSH: Miles in Lafayette, Louisiana, glad you waited. You’re 14 years old, it says.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Well, welcome to the program, Miles. Great to have you here.

CALLER: So my question is: Why is the left and all the media so against, like, everything to do with Russia? From what I can tell, Russia has the same government, like, values in the sense of they want Big Government, government controlling as much as possible. Isn’t that the same thing that Democrats want? So what are they so opposed to about Russia?

RUSH: This is such a great question. You are so right on the money. Especially the old Soviet Union. The Democrat Party felt a special kinship. You talk about a bond? The Democrat Party of old had a bond with the Soviet Union. I mean, even Ted Kennedy was working with Soviet prime ministers, premiers on defeating Ronald Reagan, for example. This is before you were born. The answer to your question is that this is all they’ve got.

And they are being schizophrenic about this, because in normal circumstances the Russians — the Soviets, you name it — have always been Democrat allies, particularly Soviet communism. They have always been Democrat allies. So the hypocrisy here is blatant. The reason they’re doing it, Miles — as you well know — is it’s all they’ve got. They have to somehow portray their loss as illegitimate, and this is the best way they can come up with paralyzing Trump short of being able to get rid of him.

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