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RUSH: Residents of Baltimore are so fed up with the constant killings in their city, they are now taking it upon themselves to try and stop it. At least for a weekend.

Erricka Bridgeford, a 44-year-old mother, is one of the organizers of a new citywide campaign: “Nobody kill anybody.” She and other neighborhood leaders are asking Baltimore residents to commit to a 3-day ceasefire during the first weekend in August.

So far this year, 188 people have been murdered in the city. Ms. Bridgeford has a personal stake in the effort. Her brother was killed and his killer was never brought to justice.

The “Nobody kill anybody” slogan has been printed on T-shirts. Community meetings have been held. A Facebook page and a website have been created. The website says: “The ceasefire is the product of Baltimore residents not only being exhausted by homicides, but believing that Baltimore can have a murder-free weekend if everyone takes responsibility.”

To date, 600 people have pledged not to kill anybody during the ceasefire weekend, including some of the young men who hang out on Baltimore street corners.

Now, for years the liberal political class has called conservatives mean-spirited for saying people should take responsibility for their own lives. Now, I guess things are so bad in Baltimore that asking people to “take responsibility” appears to be the only option left. Can you believe, a ceasefire in an American city on a weekend?

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