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RUSH: Snerdley is pointing out to me that all hell broke loose in the last 24 hours. Let me guess. I assume you’re talking about Trump’s interview in the New York Times. You’re talking about what he said about Sessions. You’re talking about the Mueller investigation. It’s getting ridiculous. And it’s just confirming everything I have thought about what’s really going on here between the establishment and Trump.

You know, not only is this program’s 30th anniversary coming up a week from Tuesday, today is an anniversary, folks. Today marks Donald Trump’s sixth month in office. And you know what that means? It means that it is a full, solid six months of an unhinged media conducting a full-scale coup attempt against Donald Trump. And that, to me, is the big scandal.

We’ve even got the news here that one of the big unmaskers is Samantha Power. “Fmr. U.N. Amb. Power Emerges As Central Figure In Obama Unmasking Investigation.” That headline’s kind of misleading. Nobody unmasked anybody in the Obama administration. What it means is, in addition to Susan Rice, Samantha Power, who was Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations. She is the freckle-faced wife of Cass Sunstein. Now, you may have heard me mention Cass Sunstein before. He’s a heralded leftist lawyer, and it is Cass Sunstein who has led the left in the belief that the Constitution is insufficient because it does not tell government what it can do.

Cass Sunstein is one of the leading lights, one of the leading figures in promoting the leftist view that United States Constitution is a charter of negative liberties. I’ve heard Obama use that descriptive phrase when talking about it. And what they mean — you know, the Bill of Rights, in fact, the entire Constitution — tells government what it can’t do. This is American exceptionalism, the exception to the way human beings have lived and have been forced to live since the beginning of time.

The United States is the first country ever in which the leaders and the government are limited by our Constitution in terms of what they can and cannot do, essentially in encroaching on the freedoms of the people. And leftists don’t like it. They don’t like that the Constitution limits government and promotes individuals. They despise it. And so they have created this idea that it is a charter of negative liberties ’cause it doesn’t spell out what government can do. It only spells out what government can’t do, thank God.

And that’s why so many of the left don’t like the Constitution. Obama didn’t like it. Sunstein didn’t like it. Franklin Delano Roosevelt also believed in this notion of a charter of negative liberties, and he came up with a second Bill of Rights, which was the exact opposite of the original Bill of Rights. The second Bill of Rights was specifically written to define what government could do, parentheses, in limiting and encroaching on individual liberty and freedom.

Anyway, Samantha Power is his wife, and she is a doctrinaire, uber-leftist. She fits the bill. She fits the stereotype of a leftist, and she fits the prototype. She is every inch a dyed-in-the-wool, incorrigible American liberal leftist, socialist or what have you. And it is she now who is said to be among the primary figures unmasking American citizens.

What this is, again — and I go through these things repeatedly, folks, because it’s clear now, and you can tell from calls just this week alone, we have new audience members every day here. People are tuning in for the first time. Even though our audience growth is now up to 27 million, the audience continues to expand. And as you’ve also heard, many of the new audience members come from the Millennial generation, and many of them have not heard much of this program. They’ve heard felonious, erroneous things about it.

The unmasking occurs when the CIA or the NSA is legally surveilling foreign individuals, such as the Russian ambassador or such as the ChiCom ambassador. This is routine. It’s part of national security. Now, during that kind of surveillance, if the Russian ambassador happens to make a phone call with an American, the American is also going to be caught on the wiretap. But the American isn’t the target.

So when any of these wiretaps produce active intelligence, the American participant caught up in this is supposed to be redacted and not mentioned because he or she is not the target and therefore there isn’t any real permission. The warrant that would have been sought and granted for the surveillance would not have included, in the circumstance I’m describing, the American individual. This is how Mike Flynn got caught up in all this.

He was talking with the Russian ambassador. He was unmasked. Meaning somebody in the intelligence community who saw a transcript of that phone call or maybe heard the audio decided to go ahead and call the media and say, “Mike Flynn said X, Y, and Z to the Russian ambassador.” That process is called unmasking the American, and it has largely been thought that many Obama administration officials, embeds remaining in the intelligence community, have been responsible for this.

One of the figures most likely has been thought to be Susan Rice. And now Samantha Power has emerged as one of the leading figures in this unmasking investigation. And again, she was Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations I think for the last two or three years of his second term. She’s an uber-leftist.

Unmasking is illegal. All of these leaks involving unmasked Americans. Those are felonies. Those are illegal. The media is printing this stuff. The media is taking this illegal information and running with it. And that is another real crime that’s not being investigated by anybody, or — well, we don’t think it is, not seriously. And that is, who are these people doing the unmasking? And the media knows. Classic illustration.

The media knows who’s breaking the law. The media’s benefiting from these felonies. The media is benefiting not just ideologically, but because they are part of the cabal that wants to take Trump down. I’m not surprised that Samantha Power has now been said to be at the top of the list of suspects who might be engaging in this.

These are activists, folks. These are dyed-in-the-wool true believers who would stop at nothing to corrupt anything in order to prevail with their ideology and their point of view. And that’s just one of the things that has featured this six-month effort by the left, by the establishment, the media, to get rid of Donald Trump. And I do think that it’s the big scandal.

I think the big scandal is the media knows who the felons are. The media are willing accomplices to this felonious behavior. And it may be one of the biggest scandals in our nation’s history. The only other scandal that might rival it would be the Obama administration spying on the Trump campaign, which is pretty outrageous and unprecedented too. But I kind of doubt that that’s part of this investigation.

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