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RUSH: Now, the latest bombshell. You said that all hell broke loose in the last 24 hours. The latest supposed bombshell from a leak, from an anonymous source, is that the specialist investigation, Robert Mueller has already expanded to investigate — are you ready for this? — any and all business dealings that Trump has ever had with any Russian. You know, you crack jokes about these people and it ends up being true. Yesterday I said it’s gonna become a crime to talk to anybody who is Russian. The way this is headed, you can’t talk now, the new rules are that if you talk to a Russian, you are guilty of collusion, and you are guilty of obstruction.

And, lo and behold, we have this anonymous source saying the Mueller investigation has expanded to investigate any and all business dealings that Trump has ever had with any Russia. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mueller investigation now includes anybody who’s ever been to Russia that knew Trump. I don’t know about that. It’s tempting to say “I kid you not.” Don’t know for sure.

Let’s look at this. This is Bloomberg, 2008, I believe. The chosen recipient of the leak even claims “FBI investigators and others are looking at Russian purchases of apartments in Trump buildings, Trump’s involvement in a controversial SoHo development with Russian associates, the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow and Trump’s sale of a Florida mansion to a Russian oligarch in 2008.” All of those transactions are being investigated.

So if a Russian bought an apartment in Trump Tower, that transaction is now under investigation. Now, this thing in 2008, I remember this. There is a gigantic piece of property down here. It’s since been razed. And it was owned by some health care magnate. I can’t remember the guy’s name. It’ll come to me. It was never really occupied, but it was massive. I mean, the house was 66,000 square feet on the ocean. It’s right next door to where Nelson Peltz lives here. Nelson Peltz’s place is 40 some odd thousand square feet. It’s been on the market for $75 million for five years, 10 years.

This piece of property that was purchased by Trump from the American health care magnate, the refurbishing and the sale of that property was part of Trump’s TV show The Apprentice. And one of the apprentice contestants was given the job of managing the refurbishing and resale of this property. I’ll never forget it ’cause we live down here, we’re making jokes. I drive by this place frequently, and after the refurbishing they had put bushes up along the road to hide the property, and the bushes were dying two weeks after they’d been planted.

They looked very withered and so forth, so we’re all getting a good laugh about it. This is now being investigated as part of the Trump-Russia collusion. It was part of his television show! The Russian oligarch, these people have so much money, they buy these properties just to park the money, rather than put it in the bank. Rather than invest it somewhere else, they’re investing in Oceanside property.

Larry Ellison of Oracle, you would not believe, for example, the number of properties he has that are purchased for investment purposes. He’s got one of the largest mansions on billionaire row in Newport, Rhode Island. He’s got a place on the golf course at Pebble Beach. He’s got these places all over the world. And these Russian oligarchs do the same thing.

But this particular property ended up being part of Trump’s Apprentice show where one of the contestants was given the responsibility of, quote, unquote — she really didn’t do it, of course, but for the purposes of the show it was made to look like her project. And now that is coming under investigation.

You know what this is? Let me tell you what this really is. Are we supposed to believe nine years ago, 2008, when the Russian oligarch — and like all oligarchs, he has a massive yacht, and the problem with this purchase was, it’s on the ocean. You can’t put a dock on the ocean side here, so there was no place for the oligarch to put his massive yacht. Well, an oligarch is a rich guy that gets rich by virtue of an association with a powerful government. These all Putin’s buddies.

When the Soviet Union imploded and it fell from communism ostensibly, Putin grabs control after Boris Yeltsin, and all of the natural resources that Russia has, Putin essentially gave them to his buddy. So one guy got minerals, one guy got oil, one guy got this. They had to put some money in. They were not straight gifts and so forth. But it’s all state-controlled in one way or another. It’s cronyism.

Putin himself has this kind of money. It never gets reported because Putin doesn’t have any of the outdoor signs of this kind of money. He runs around with his shirt off showing his pecs and his biceps and triceps, but that’s it. ‘Cause Putin’s like 5’6, 5’6. Now, look, you got me little sidetracked here. There’s a point about all this, that what this really is, in addition to being silent coup, and there’s no question in my mind the effort is to get rid of Trump; short of that, to paralyze him. But there’s also something else happening.


RUSH: Now, this Mueller investigation, Andy McCarthy, my old buddy at American Greatness and National Review has been writing about this Mueller investigation since it began and he’s nailed it. The thing has no parameters. Rosenstein didn’t put any limits on this! It’s not just about the Russian investigation. Mueller can investigate all of Trump’s life; there’s no end to this! There are no limits in this special counsel investigation. They have not been defined.

I don’t believe that’s accidental, and it’s not too late to do it! The Justice Department can rein Mueller in and put parameters or limits on where he can go. Right now there are none! As evidenced by the fact the guy can investigate apartment sales in Trump Tower all the way back to whenever the first Russian bought one!


RUSH: We’re supposed to believe that Trump was colluding with the Russians back in 2008 as he was preparing his run for the presidency. Yep. Exactly right. Now, but here’s what else is going on, folks, because Mueller has no limits. He’s hired, as we all know now, a staff of at least 14 lawyers, and it may be more, and each of them have assistants and clerks. This is a massive, massive amount of people that Mueller has hired.

Last I heard, they were all Hillary and Bill Clinton supporters and Obama supporters. They were all either donors, fundraisers, bundlers. They are liberal activists for the Democrat Party, Clinton and Obama, and that’s who Mueller has hired. Now, there was an original theory that the reason he did that is because at some point Trump’s gonna be exonerated and it wouldn’t fly unless there’s a bunch of Hillary and Obama people on the investigating committee. I think that’s all wet. I don’t think they want to exonerate Trump. I think they’re gonna keep looking.

This is the point. They don’t have any limits. There are no parameters. The Justice Department has not limited the scope of Mueller’s investigation at all. So here’s what this also is. As it stands now, the Mueller investigation is probably going to be the biggest, most massive opposition research operation ever conducted in American politics. With this investigation having no bounds and no limits, this team can go anywhere to find any dirt whatsoever. In fact, for the presidential election in 2020, this is a godsend. A team of Obama-Hillary donors investigating every aspect of a sitting president that they detest.

An opposition research festival that has been sanctioned by law, an opposition research investigation that can go anywhere as deep as it wants to dredge up anything they can find on a sitting president and to heck with what comes of the investigation. The data being produced here, I mean as much as things leaked now, it wouldn’t be a challenge at all to have some of whatever they find end up in the presidential campaign of 2020. An investigation certified by the president’s own Justice Department to investigate him! A free pass with an unlimited budget! There has never been an opposition research examination or investigation or operation that even gets close to this!

And the message here is, “Outsiders beware. You think you can come in here and totally take over what we, the insiders, own and operate? You think you can come in from outside and just grab control of the establishment and of the levers of government and do what you want to do with it? No way.” And that’s exactly the message here. You want to have your life destroyed, you want to have your life turned upside down, you want to have an official investigation into everything you’ve been doing and everything you are, this is what we in the establishment do.

So not only is this designed to destroy Trump, to create opposition research for the 2020 campaign, it’s also designed to send a message to anybody else who might be thinking, “Hey, if Trump could do it, I could do it.” And it so happens that there are some of those people. Have you looked at the names of people that are seriously toying with the idea of running for president like Dwayne Johnson, The Rock? There are two other names. I can’t remember them off the top of my head. Oh, yeah, Kid Rock is gonna run for the Senate.

Do you think any of this would be happening if Trump hadn’t succeeded? There’s no way. And I guarantee you the people inside the Beltway and the establishment are looking at this and saying, “We gotta shut this down. We have got to make it plain as day that these kinds of people do not have a prayer here even if they win.”

I mean, look what Obama did. Obama turned the IRS against conservative organizations. He used the intelligence community on his political enemies. And when Obama left, out came the leakers, the Obama embeds in the deep state. Now the Republicans are, in theory, in control, and look at what’s happening. With the Republicans in control, the Trump agenda is stymied. With Republicans in control, all of these felonious leaks are occurring. Under a Republican-controlled Justice Department, an open-ended, no-limits investigation of a sitting president is taking place.

How else would you explain this? Here is Bloomberg’s story: “Mueller Expands Probe to Trump Business Transactions — The U.S. special counsel investigating possible ties between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia.” Let’s remember something, folks. It’s crucially important. All of this is about collusion in the election, and there wasn’t any. There hasn’t been any evidence produced yet that shows votes were tampered with. There is not a credible syllable, scintilla of evidence that the Russians had anything to do with the casting of ballots and with the counting of ballots. And that is what the election is and all the rest of this is just gobbledygook.

When you get right down to brass tacks, they’re not gonna find any Russian involvement in the outcome of the election, but they don’t have to in order to achieve their objectives here. All they’ve gotta do is continue every day advancing the narrative that Trump is in bed with Russians. And just ask question: Why?

What could Trump possibly have sought to gain by associating with the Russians? And there is a lot of association, they will say. And they will continue to create doubt. They’ll continue to heighten suspicions and so forth. And now with Mueller openly announcing that he can’t investigate transactions involving Trump’s businesses as well as those of his associates.

By the way, the source for this is anonymous, a person familiar with the investigation. So it means that one of the lawyers on Mueller’s team is talking to the press. Never mind that this anonymous person’s breaking the law by passing on this information. These are exactly the kind of leaks the Democrats knew they could count on once there was a special counsel added to their witch hunt.

And, of course, the main reason they want a special counsel in the first place was that they knew there’d be no limit on what they could decide to investigate, especially since they have unlimited time, unlimited money. Do you realize Mueller can build whatever he wants? There’s no limit to the budget here. No parameters have been forthcoming.

There’s not a single one of you that could survive this. There’s not a single one of us. You turn this many people loose with unlimited money and no time limit and no constraints on where they can look. Since not a single one of us is clean and pure as the wind-driven snow, there’s not a single person that could emerge from this unscathed. And Trump will not, either. Which is the objective.

Now, Trump, famous interview with the New York Times now, which we’ll get into in detail here in a second, but he said that any digging into matters beyond Russia should be out of bounds. Trump’s businesses have involved Russians for years, kind of makes the boundaries fuzzy, according to Bloomberg. So Mueller appears to be taking a wide-angle approach to his so far two-month old investigation.

Who says Trump’s businesses have involved Russians for years? Who says this? Trump says the opposite. Even if they have, when did it become criminal? For crying out loud, Democrats have been in bed with the Russians and the Soviets for decades. When did all of a sudden any of this and all of this become criminal? The hypocrisy here is striking.

So there’s no limit, there’s no end of the budget.

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