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RUSH: I don’t believe what I almost just did. And I don’t believe that nobody said anything to me when I was about to do it. Well, I almost scheduled a vacation week in which I would not be here for the 30th anniversary show. I mean, that’s how little it’s on my mind. That’s not the way to say it. The date specific was not on my mind, and I told you, “You need some guest hosts for these dates all week.”

“Oh, okay.” You didn’t even say anything, “You mean, you’re gonna be gone on the 1st of August, anniversary show?” You didn’t say that ’til later. And we already had Steyn. Steyn had been arranged to come in here on August 1st. And I said to Snerdley, “You gotta call him back because I can’t believe I did that. I can’t not be here on the 30th anniversary show,” even though we’re not gonna make a big deal of it. We did that at 20.

And he said Steyn would have loved to have been here. He said it would have been an honor to do the tribute show. I’m totally flattered by that, but I can’t not be here.


RUSH: Well, you know, I guess I could take the week of August 1st now, ’cause Koko tells me this it’s not the 30th anniversary, it’s the 29th. Well, then people have been lying to me all these years. I’ve been thinking it was the 30th anniversary. There’s no big deal to be here then. No, there’s not gonna be a cake. Are you kidding? All right. Well, then I have been laboring under — I’m gonna be here.

The things I wanted to do that week are not possible anyway ’cause people aren’t gonna be where I thought they were gonna be and golf courses aren’t gonna be open, so I will be here. It will probably end up being a good thing, because if you think all hell broke loose, you know, whenever I’m gone it really breaks loose. So being here will moderate things.

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