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RUSH: Dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut. It’s time, my friends, for a feminist update. And in fact it is an update on a feminazi story that we detailed for you earlier in the week. Here’s our theme song.

(playing of song.)

RUSH: The Forester Sisters.

(continued playing of song)

RUSH: Yes, indeed. Yes, I know. Trying to get a word in here. Yes. That’s my own laughter during the first airing of the feminist update. That’s the Forester Sisters, country stars extraordinaire, and that’s actual audio from a pro-choice rally on steps of the Supreme Court or somewhere, Capitol Hill, way, way back in the nineties. Okay, earlier in the week — did you find that song I asked you to find?

Well, we’ve played it before. I know you got it there so just give me a couple beeps there when you do. I’ll vamp until you find it, ’cause I know it’s in the Proffit System, it’s there, we’ve aired it numerous times. Anyway, well, it should be in the Proffit System. I mean, it was a big hit back in the day, back in 1966 or ’67. Anyway, it’s there. You’ll have time to look. I’m vamping even now.

We told you earlier in the week about the famous feminazi writer named Jody Allard, A-l-l-a-r-d. This is the woman who has written of her own two teenage sons that they are bad because they’re men, because they have male genitalia, this makes them natural predators. She has condemned her own sons in her feminist writings as potential rapists simply because of their gender and their physiology. And this has not pleased her sons. Her sons are now in their teenage years, and they are well aware — thank you — of the things that she has written about them.

And what has happened here is that our buddy Ben Shapiro at The Daily Wire has hired one of her sons, and she is livid. Jody Allard is livid. “Crazy Feminist Scolds Shapiro For Offering Internship To Her Son. So Shapiro SLAMS Her With This One Hilarious Fact.

This is actually from The Daily Wire website itself. “It’s happening: the 19-year-old Jared Allard, son of insane feminist writer Jody Allard, has submitted his resume to Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro after being offered a possible internship during a segment on Friday’s Ben Shapiro Show podcast.

“The request was made by Shapiro after Allard wrote a particularly disturbing post for feminist blog Role Reboot in which she called her boys, and all other men, ‘not safe,’ seemingly suggesting they are prospective rapists. ‘Okay, if the son of Jody Allard is watching this right now, please write me an email,’ said Shapiro during the podcast. ‘I would be happy to have you intern with us over at The Daily Wire. I think you deserve better than what your mother has provided to you: a label as a potential rapist.'”

Now, this woman has a habit of shaming her sons, one of whom she then described as suicidal. Her own son she’s describing as a potential rapist and suicidal, and he’s able to read this stuff. And he’s suicidal simply for being born male. It’s not because he’s exhibited any behavioral traits. The woman is a nut. And she’s a professor. She’s teaches other women. She writes for these feminist blogs.

This is why male enrollment at universities and colleges is down ’cause this is what you’re up against. You take women’s studies ’cause you want to be near girls, this is what you have to put up with. You’re being told you’re a natural-born predator and rapist.

Within the post, Shapiro is reacting to on air titled, “I’m done pretending men are safe, even my sons.” That was the title of her blog post. “I’m done pretending men are safe, even my sons.” The feminist once again shamed her sons for their alleged contribution to highly exaggerated rape culture and labeled them not safe, suggesting they’re prospective rapists due to their genetic makeup.

What she wrote is this: “I have two sons. They are strong and compassionate—the kind of boys other parents are glad to meet when their daughters bring them home for dinner. They are good boys, in the ways good boys are, but they are not safe boys. I’m starting to believe there’s no such thing.”

After disclosing that her 19-year-old has grown to resent her and turn to conservative media for relief from her hateful shaming, Jody Allard continued, quote, “My sons won’t rape unconscious women behind a dumpster, and neither will most of the progressive men I know. But what all of these men share in common, even my sons, is a relentless questioning and disbelief of the female experience. … I’m through wasting my time on people who are more interested in ideas than feelings, and I’m through pretending these people, these men, are safe.”

“Jared soon heard of the offer and submitted his resume to Shapiro, apparently unbeknown to his mother. Jody then wrote, ‘More press, but my son says there’s been zero actual contact.’ Shapiro said, ‘Well, apparently your son doesn’t tell you everything about his life, because his resume is sitting in front of me.'” So, anyway, Shapiro went ahead and hired the kid as an intern, irritating the mother all the more, ladies and gentlemen. So we’re gonna close the feminist update here with a dedication to Jody Allard. Sandy Posey here.

(Continued playing of song)

RUSH: Top five, 1967.

(continued playing of song)

RUSH: Hurt, not heard.

(continued playing of song)

RUSH: That’s hurt again, and not heard.

(continued playing of song)

RUSH: You were what?

(Continued playing of song)

RUSH: You hear that, Jody? No price too great to pay.

(continued playing of song)

RUSH: No, no. That is not a parody song. That is a top five country tune, it has to be ’66 or ’67. Sandy Posey, daughter of Jim Posey, a champion bull rider, he had a saloon in Fort Worth. (laughing) She wrote the song, she sang the song. I know what you mean. It was it not a parody in the sense it was not a comedy thing. Now, it might have been an early feminist song of discontent, but I played this song on the radio as a struggling young disc jockey, potential star of the future. I’m telling you, there was no protest mentality attached to this at all. It was just what was. And it’s been in our feminist update rotation for many, many moons.

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