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RUSH: Okay, folks, more proof that no matter what taxpayers provide, it’s never enough.

Look at Medi-Cal, California’s version of Medicaid. It’s a taxpayer-funded entitlement program, like they all are, to make sure the poor get health care. But now, a coalition of civil rights groups is suing California because they say that Medi-Cal is discriminatory.

Now there are 14 million people in the state who rely on Medi-Cal, the majority of them are Latino. The lawsuit argues that these Latinos are trapped in a system that is separate and unequal due to bureaucratic red tape and low payments to doctors and hospitals.

The lawsuit claims that when Medi-Cal served mostly white people, reimbursement rates were closer to other insurance plans. But since 2000, when the number of Latinos on Medi-Cal jumped from two million to over seven million, payment rates went down by 20 percent.

Today, the majority of white Californians use private health insurance. They get better care. And that, according to the lawsuit, is racist.

One plaintiff, 56, couldn’t find a surgeon to perform gall bladder surgery under Medi-Cal. Things got so bad she paid out-of-pocket to have the surgery in Mexico. She told The Mercury News, in Spanish, that “no one should suffer simply for having Medi-Cal.”

So liberals ruin a taxpayer-funded program and then sue the taxpayers, while calling them racists. If you’re stunned by this, don’t be, because this, California, is the new America.

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