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RUSH: There were hearings in the Senate over the new FBI director, a man by the name of Christopher Wray, W-r-a-y. But how they began is what is interesting.

At the beginning of today’s confirmation hearing for Christopher Wray, President Donald Trump’s choice to head the FBI, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley used his opening remarks to take numerous shots at acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

“The Iowa Republican first took aim at McCabe, who was put in charge of the FBI when Trump fired James Comey, over the acting head’s wife and her political activities. ‘The previous director James Comey said that the people of the FBI don’t give a rip about politics but Mr. Comey installed as his deputy director a man whose wife ran for the Virginia State Senate and accepted almost a million dollars from the Virginia governor’s political machine,’ Grassley exclaimed.”

It’s worse than that. Hillary Clinton even raised money for McCabe’s wife’s campaign. The senator wasn’t finished, however. “He went on to rattle off a number of other indiscretions he felt disqualified McCabe from capably carrying out his duties in a non-partisan and ethical manner. This included calling out McCabe for being named in a sexual discrimination complaint by a female FBI agent.

“But most of his ire seemed to center on McCabe’s apparent disdain for former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, leading Grassley to wonder aloud why McCabe had not recused himself from the FBI investigation into Flynn. ‘According to press reports, three FBI employees personally witnessed McCabe making disparaging remarks about Flynn before and during the Russian investigation yet Mr. MccCbe never recused himself from the Flynn investigation,’ Grassley sternly noted.”

You don’t see this. You don’t see Republicans in the Senate fighting back like this. Three cheers for Grassley, of all people. He fired both barrels at McCabe today, essentially saying he had no business being acting director, that he’s conflicted all over the ballpark here by his attitude toward Flynn and his wife seeking political office.

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