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RUSH: Oh, did you see, did you see Page Six of the New York Post, what they’ve done with George Stephanopoulos? You know what I need to do? I need to get a picture of this to Brian so that he can put it in the new video switcher. I’ll do that in the break and I’ll show you the picture in the next segment. I can’t do it now. It’s gonna take me awhile to remember we have this capability and start stockpiling photos for the new little switcher we have on the Dittocam.

But on the set of Good Morning America, the four hosts there — Stephanopoulos, Lara Spencer, Robin Roberts and Strahan, they’re sitting there at a table with no front on it, and three of the four are normal size or very tall. And when they’re sitting in the chairs their feet hit the floor. Little Stephanopoulos is like 5-4, his feet do not. His feet do not hit the floor.

So Page Six has a story about his little boy legs and how ABC had to rebuild the set to cover that up, to hide the fact that his legs don’t reach the floor. And so they’ve got a before and after photo on the new set, which we, for those of you watching on the Dittocam, we will have that for you in mere moments.


RUSH: Oh, here, we’ve got the picture in the switcher. Switch it over. Here is the picture. This is the side by side. You can see on the right side there that Stephanopoulos has to have a little footstool there on his chair to balance his feet because everybody on that set’s feet hit the floor but little George’s don’t.

And then on the picture on the left you see that the ABC people have built a set. They’ve added some little obstructing panel on the front of it so you can’t see anybody’s legs. Therefore covering up for the fact that George is tiny and small. You’re saying, “Why does this matter?” It matters. You know, look at Putin. Putin is like 5’5, 5’6, and he made certain in every photo-op to… (interruption) He is. He’s a tiny guy.

Vladimir Putin is tiny. He made sure he was never in a side-by-side with Trump. Wherever there was a group picture, Putin’s in the back row, and all you can see is his head. You never see him next to Trump in any photo. Even in a photo-op where they’re standing side-by-side, he’s always at an angle and somewhat removed. He’s never side by side. Height and stature, you know, it’s optics. I don’t know that Putin has a Napoleonic complex going on, but he might.

He runs around without his shirt off half the time and he shows his pecs and how he’s working out there all the time, cowboy hat, that kind of stuff. So, yeah, yeah, it’s the optics angle of it.

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