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RUSH: A complete government takeover of health care is gaining traction among Democrats. So says The Hill. And it’s not a surprise. I warned you that single payer was the Democrats’ plan all along. Obamacare is supposed to fail.

Democrat Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand are pushing a proposal to provide Medicare for All. The House Democrats’ Medicare for All bill already has 113 co-sponsors.

And a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows that 53% of Americans support this, supposedly.

So why aren’t more Democrats talking about single payer? Because of the elephant in the room: the cost.

Surprisingly, the Washington Post published an editorial last month headlined: “Single-Payer Health Care Would Have An Astonishingly High Price Tag.” I guess they didn’t know that.

When Bernie Sanders pushed Medicare for All during the campaign, the Urban Institute ran the numbers. Government spending, which is already out of sight, would rise by $32 trillion over ten years. That price tag, says the Post, would require “a tax increase so huge that even the Democrat socialist Mr. Sanders did not propose anything close to it.”

Bottom line. Single payer can continue to gain traction among Democrats, but if the day ever comes that it becomes law, you can forget the American economy as you know it. It’s over.

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