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RUSH: Comey and the memos and the memos that he leaked, admittedly leaked, and in part because he wanted special counsel appointed. It is being reported that Comey’s memos were classified and that Comey has leaked classified data in his memos much the same way Hillary was trafficking in classified data on her basement server. Just a little fine point here.

The government has not officially said that Comey’s memos are classified. President Trump tweeted today, “James Comey leaked classified information to the media. That’s so illegal.” We don’t yet know whether that’s the case. TheHill.com has a report on this, and it is based on leaks. There are, again, the usual anonymous sources in government claiming that Comey and some, not all, some of his memos do contain classified information. But the government has not formally said so yet.

Now, it may be a fine point. But, you know, we believe in total accuracy here, and it’s been widely disseminated that Comey’s memos contain classified information, and that’s because another anonymous source is saying so. Anonymous source in a position to know, an anonymous source close to the situation, whatever. But the government, the Trump administration has not taken a formal position. And until that happens, it cannot be asserted that Comey’s memos are actually trafficking in classified.

Now, in the real world they are, because they contain conversations with the president. And this is exactly what did Petraeus in. The great, vaunted David Petraeus, General Petraeus of course let his biographer read some of the documents he had prepared based on his conversations with the president. That’s a no-no. She even had a security clearance. Her security clearance was not high enough to grant her permission to see these things. And that’s why he got in heap big legal doo-doo.

So based on the inference, yeah, you could say that Comey is trafficking in classified information and wasn’t aware of it, but it’s not been formally stated so yet. It’s a fine point. I don’t know if it will be formally stated. Talking about more than half of the memos that he made regarding his conversations with President-Elect Trump and then after he was elected, President Trump after he was inaugurated. So we’ll just keep a sharp eye on this.

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