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RUSH: The attacks on Ivanka. I can’t do it all here in the first couple segments, but, yeah. You didn’t know ’cause you are screening calls. No, I haven’t touched on the attack on Ivanka.

You know that meeting where she took Trump’s seat was the second meeting on the very subject she had participated in with Angela Merkel and a bunch of other European women back in wherever it was, April, March. It was the same subject. I don’t have it in front of me, but it was about women entrepreneurs, empowerment, loans, and what have you. And she had participated in the first meeting. That’s what this meeting was about. Trump had to either go out and meet the Japanese, go to bathroom, get some sushi or whatever and asked her to hold his seat, because she had already participated in the first meeting of this. “She wasn’t elected by anybody. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. She had no business sitting there.”

Of course, Chelsea Clinton once again tweets and steps in it big time with a Trump response.


RUSH: The meeting that Trump had to leave for whatever number of minutes was the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative, We-Fi, W-E, dash, F-I. Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative. It’s basically about how — well, hell, I’ll be honest, it’s about how a group of people get a bunch of freebies for women ’cause they’re so disadvantaged and put upon by an evil male culture. And it’s an effort to have some world bank or some world fund or whatever fund women entrepreneurship.

Anyway, Ivanka Trump was at the beginning of this women’s entrepreneur organization. She’s one of the founding members, practically. It was first announced by Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany at the Women20 summit in Berlin. Before they had the G20 last week, they had the Women20 summit as a precedent, and it was — let’s see, sometime this spring. And Ivanka was there. She attended on behalf of the administration. It is one of her pet causes! Women entrepreneurs, We-Fi, Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative. It’s the finance initiative that is the key here. You have women entrepreneurs, and over here is the money.

I don’t know how many of you have been entrepreneurs, and there was a pile of money dedicated for you. I doubt too many. But this is women entrepreneurs over here and a pile of money over here and a knock-down, drag-out to get it. And it’s one of Ivanka’s big issues. That was the meeting that Trump got up and left. And since Ivanka had represented the administration first, she sat in for a while. And they’re trying to make it this humongous — they just blow everything out of proportion on purpose. And the only question here is how many low-information voters end up buying into this.

And, see, this is where I don’t think many are. I think all of this is backfiring on the Democrats and the left.


RUSH: Now, before you go get all mad at me over my pile of money for the women entrepreneurs over here — (laughing) Well, what do you think it is? When governments get together to discuss entrepreneurism, what does government have to do with it? Zilch, zero, nada. The best thing government can do for entrepreneurs is get out of the way, stay invisible.

But this is predicated on the fact that what? That women are discriminated against, that women entrepreneurs just don’t have a level playing field. Why? Because men are men, and men are white, and men are predators, and men have an unfair advantage and have had a generational head start in acquiring funding for their entrepreneurism, and therefore there needs to be government action to level the playing field.

It’s all predicated on a bunch of tripe, that those that have achieved heretofore have done it with an unfair advantage, not their hard work, and not their initiative, and not their connections. And I admit, look, I mean, I know as well as anybody that nothing is clean and pure as the wind-driven snow, that connections and these kinds of things happen. It’s part of life. What I resent is the broad-based general assumption that there has been institutional discrimination based on gender that has denied one group or another an equal opportunity at sustainability, or whatever it is.

So, anyway, the funding for women entrepreneurs — again, this group is the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative. I mean, the name says it all. Money for women entrepreneurs. You remember the last time something like this happened was — help me out here. It was something about if you could claim that you were Native American, there was of a big stash of money that you could lay claim to to make up for how you were mistreated.

And people that didn’t have any genealogical trace to Native Americans started lunging for the money, and were given it. (interruption) The Pigford farmers. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. That stuff. It’s this institutional idea of discrimination and bigotry and so forth that’s been present from the beginning that we must acknowledge and we must now make amends for. And so the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative. Translated: How we gonna get a bunch of money to women. Well, selected women entrepreneurs.

What is an entrepreneur? I mean, you think that definition’s gonna be kind of broad? No pun intended. I will bet you it is. But CNN, fake news, is reporting that funding for the facility — oh, yes, it has a facility. The Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative. It’ll probably have a building as big as the European Union before they’re done. It will probably be a wing of NATO. Funding for the facility comes from both the public and the private sectors. That means it’s all coming from the private sector. The public and private means it’s all coming from us.

Now, there will be those who donate. The numbers of people giving money to women in hopes — it’s been the way of life for who knows how long. And this will be much akin to the same. So funding for the facility — I assume the facility that’s gonna house the women entrepreneurs funding arrangement — funding for the facility comes from both the public and private sectors including international financial organizations, commercial financing foundations, private equity firms, and individuals.

Pigford was a fund for black farmers that Native Americans ended up getting a supply. People became black overnight, like Elizabeth Warren became an Indian overnight to get a job at Harvard. Yeah, in that case the number of black farmers went from a couple thousand to several hundred thousand. I’ll never forget this. All these black farmers who’ve been toiling out there, nobody knew they had existed until a big pile of money was put together for them.

So take a look. Funding for the facility comes from both the public and private sectors, including international financial organizations. What would that be? IMF, World Bank. So it’s clear what this is. People were chastising me, a couple of people in the email for mocking this thing. Folks, fine and dandy. As I said, this whole idea that there is a body of institutional discrimination that has occurred that has warranted this step, and it’s more of the same: Let’s curry favor and let’s get votes by creating a stash of money that nobody has because everybody’s in debt and we’ll parcel it out and we’ll feel good about ourselves for caring.

It’s like you know what I read, along the same lines today, I read a long profile. I actually took a moment out from show prep — well, it was actually part of show prep. I was reading tech blogs and I came across this gigantic profile of Zuckerberg’s wife. He met her at Harvard. She’s Asian-American. Her name is Priscilla Chan. She is going to take the Zuckerberg fortune and turn it into a gigantic, humongous foundation. And do you know what one of its objectives is? To eliminate all disease in the lifetime of the Zuckerbergs’ daughter, to eliminate all disease.

Then after they’ve fixed all disease, they’re going to fix education, ’cause education’s a mess and they’re gonna fix it by throwing even more money at it. Details of how they’re gonna fix education are not part of the story, just that they’re going to tackle it, because of course if you want plaudits as a serious human being, you have got to mention education as one of your target initiatives. You don’t have to tell anybody what you’re gonna do. All you have to do is say, “I want to help education.” And it’s magic. ‘Cause everybody wants education to be better.

The point with education is, it doesn’t take a whole lot of money to fix it. Money is what has broken it. What’s wrong with education is what’s taught. What’s wrong with education is who’s teaching it. What’s wrong education is the curriculum. What’s wrong with education is the premise. What’s wrong with education is the fact that people are not learning critical thinking. They’re not learning how to be curious and satisfy their curiosity. They’re not learning how to be suspicious. They’re not learning how to think at all.

Education has become indoctrination. I don’t know why the left’s so unhappy with it? Well, one of the things mentioned is because all of these dilapidated inner city schools. Well, who’s been running these? Who’s in charge of these dilapidated inner city schools? Who’s responsible? If you think there are problems in education now, who’s largely responsible for them? If I were a leftist, I would be celebrating education. The number of mind-numbed robots that they’re graduating every year is legion.

So we’re gonna cure all disease, and we are going to then fix education. And there’s a bunch of other things. We’re gonna save the planet, climate change, and all of this. The Zuckerberg fortune right now is about $68 billion, but they’re gonna raise other people’s money to do all this. They’re gonna seed their own foundation, don’t misunderstand. But these lofty objectives and ideals, and of course none of them are grounded in reality.

How many of you believe that it is possible to eliminate all disease in the life of anybody’s daughter? Her daughter is, what, four years old, three years old, figure 85, 90 years, how many think it’s possible? Now, people on the left hearing me say this are going to castigate me for having no heart, for having no soul, “Can’t you even applaud the desire? Can’t you even praise and acknowledge the heartfelt commitment?” Yeah. Yeah. I could. But I happen to be the mayor of Realville. And I don’t believe in phony expectations. All that does is let people down and disappoint them, and there is quite enough of that going on.


RUSH: Verona, Kentucky, next. Linda, great to have you. How you doing?

CALLER: Rush, I am great. Conservative Christian, Republican, female farmer, slash, engineer, slash, entrepreneur dittos, Rush.

RUSH: A white nationalist from the alt-right has called in. It’s great to hear from you, how you doing?

CALLER: (laughing) Except I’m female. And I love what you do and how you do it. But I’d like to share with you my experience as a woman entrepreneur and just say why it’s important to provide an opportunity to us historically disadvantaged people if I may.

RUSH: Women are historically disadvantaged, did you say?

CALLER: Yes, like for most of history we didn’t have many rights. We were treated as cattle and property and we didn’t get the vote till just less than a hundred years ago. So as a woman entrepreneur and engineer, I’d just like to share a little snippet from my journey as an entrepreneur. By the way, thanks to you, I got out of engineering and went off on my own because I listen to Rush. I’m like, “I can do this. Rush says I should pursue my dreams.”

RUSH: Congratulations. Where was the pile of money you went to to do that?

CALLER: The pile of money I walked away from was engineering, which, by the way, when I went to school — ’cause I’m really, really old, I’m like a fossil — they had affirmative action back in the eighties, and that’s how I got a shot at being an engineer at an automotive company, and I don’t think I would have had that without that extra, “Hey, we gotta get some girls in here.” And so I took that advantage, and now like a few years ago, I created and patented a better way to carry groceries, and so I got involved in all sorts of organizations to help, you know, promote my stuff because the bank was like, “Well, here’s a crappy loan for you,” I’m like, “I don’t want that.” And I consistently saw men win over women in these inventor competitions.

RUSH: See, this is what gets me, you entrepreneured a new way of carrying groceries.


CALLER: You can send the staff with my invention so that they won’t waste plastic bags, they can have carry them in reusable crispy crates and collapse them down and save space. But my point is that a guy in California saw the same opportunity for reusable crates and he brought some over, he got a half million dollar investment and I’m still out here, you know, going to festivals, trying to tell people, “Hey, this is a way to cut down on plastic bags.”

RUSH: Okay, so let me cut to the chase. So you think the organization that Ivanka Trump is working on is worthwhile and valid?

CALLER: Yes. I say, let’s do it, let’s support it, let’s embrace it. ‘Cause we’ve got some making up to do. I don’t believe in giving people a handout. But I do believe in —

RUSH: Yes, you do. You just want to call the handout justified based on past discrimination and so forth. Be honest about what you’re — you do think that —

CALLER: I think there are inherent biases in human beings and that we sometimes have to have in place things that say, “Hey, try to give them a shot.” Just like I’ve been involved in chess, and girls don’t really to want play chess, and so I try to encourage girls to play chess by, you know, trying to do extra incentives for them or making it fun, you know, because they’re just as smart, they’re just not as —

RUSH: Okay, now, wait. You’re bringing up chess. What if the reason they’re not playing chess is because they don’t want to?

CALLER: Maybe they just don’t know —

RUSH: Why do we need an entrepreneurial fund or even an organization to further women moving kings and queens and rooks and pawns around? They do that in their own homes every day anyway.

CALLER: And as a stay-at-home mom I totally agree that you can do that from home and do that, ’cause I did that for 20 years, too, but you’ve got this innate human bias that sort of looks down on certain people. And especially if you look at history for all these years, you’ve had this imbalance of power, and to be able to say, to encourage, I think it’s really important to encourage and give people kind of a leg up where they might not have had one.

And like I said, I mean, this guy from California, maybe he had the retail experience, but, you know, he got a $500,000 investment. I couldn’t even see any of us women entrepreneurs beating the men entrepreneurs and, you know, obviously it’s a similar type product, you know, collapsible crate type product, only mine’s better because I have American content.

RUSH: Okay, well, you and I see things similarly, but then we diverge. For example, I’m all for anybody tackling anything they want and doing it to the best of their ability. I am the biggest promoter of ambition and dreams and desire you will find. The component that’s missing that you have is I don’t see any ingrained, specific bias. I think we all face discrimination —


RUSH: — of one kind.


RUSH: We are all disadvantaged in one way. Now, there are precious few who aren’t. The Kennedy family, for example.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: The super wealthy who simply endow via inheritance, but throw that out. We all have obstacles to overcome. Some of them are institutionalized, like your belief that women have not been given the full breadth of respect they deserve and you talk about voting. I can’t argue with that. But every time I mention this, when I say I’ve had obstacles overcome, people say, “What? What?” I said the bias I face because I’m a conservative. You would not believe the things I cannot do, the opportunities that will not be presented. In my life I have been overweight. You would not believe the obstacles that that causes because of people’s prejudice, bias, or preference.


RUSH: I did not go to the United Nations and ask for a pile of money or a special wing of the building to deal with that oppression. You deal with it.


RUSH: You know? I have no qualms admitting that people face obstacles, but I think everybody does.

CALLER: But wouldn’t you say though, let’s look at the success of, say, Shark Tank. All those people that Shark Tank is giving a platform to, they failed in the regular retail world. I mean, one of the biggest successes people don’t know, but now because there’s this leg up called Shark Tank, you know, entrepreneurs are able to be not as boring and go now and be seen. And I think that’s what Ivanka Trump is doing, giving a —

RUSH: Wait a second.

CALLER: — little edge.

RUSH: Now, I have never seen it. I know what it is. But I need to understand the way — are you seeing Shark Tank as the people who end up on that show have an advantage over people who aren’t on that show? Is that what your point is?

CALLER: No. What I’m saying is typically if you came up with an invention, there were certain ways that you had to go about getting your invention heard of. And it was pretty behind the scenes, you know, you were really lucky if —

RUSH: Well, the First Amendment does not grant you the right to be heard, it grants you the right to speak —

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: — but nobody has to listen.

CALLER: They are putting money into you just bringing you out there and putting you on the air. So what Ivanka Trump is trying to do is sort of the same thing only with women in particular.

RUSH: Okay. Well, I can see I’m on the wrong side of this. I should have immediately supported this. I’m so stupid in this regard. I’m so stupid. If I’d-a just supported this, if I’d-a just gone rah-rah, yeah, yeah, go Ivanka, if I’d-a just gotten behind this, who knows the riches which might have come my way just in the last hour.

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