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RUSH: Last week, the North Koreans fired off an ICBM, putting the Norks one step closer to being able to hit us with a nuke. Laura Rosenberger, Washington Post, called it an “extraordinarily dangerous development.” And then she berated Trump for tweeting about it.

Because, unlike President Trump, Laura Rosenberger is an expert. Yeah, she worked in the State Department and on the National Security Council for Presidents Bush and Obama.

She knows how difficult the Norks are to deal with. And she knows how incredibly hard it is for the U.S. and our allies to coordinate a response to the Norks launching missiles. Ms. Rosenberger says that Trump’s reaction, reaching for his phone and then firing off chest-thumping statements on Twitter, is reckless.

The North Koreans look at every word in Trump’s tweets for clear signals. But, according to Ms. Rosenberger, the problem is, “it’s not clear that Trump has any idea of what his [own] intentions are.”

You see, Trump isn’t smart. He never worked for the State Department, the NSC, or for the Messiah Barack Hussein O. So, if Trump keeps tweeting we might end up in a nuclear war with the Norks.

Now, forgive me, Ms. Rosenberger, I have to ask. If you and the other experts on North Korea are so smart, why are we still facing the same problem with them and why are they getting better at what they’re doing after all these years, if you are so damn smart? Hmm?

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