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RUSH: Hey, let me ask you a question, folks. How many people over the course of your life, over the course of the recent past, months, years, how many people do you know that constantly complain about the media? Everybody, right? Everybody’s always complaining about the media. So over this past weekend I had somebody say, “Do you believe what Trump is doing to CNN?”

I said, “What do you mean what Trump is doing to CNN? It’s not what Trump is doing to CNN. It’s what CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post are doing to Trump!”

So many people have complained to me about the media for all of my life, the entire portion of my life that I’ve been doing this program. “Something’s got to be done. We’ve got to do something. Why doesn’t somebody do something about the media?” And here comes Donald Trump doing something about the media and people are getting nervous. Not everybody. Some people are obviously very supportive and happy about this.

I think it was last week or the week before, I forget which, but I openly stated on this program that we are witnessing the decline and eventual demise of CNN. And that statement was picked up by several in the Drive-By Media, and panels were assembled to discuss my premise. “Do you really think,” it was asked on Fox News, “do you really think this could be the end of CNN?” It is the end of CNN.

My point about this, a lot of people are nervous. Trump supporters are nervous about the tweet. Not everybody, but some Trump supporters are nervous about the tweeting and they’re nervous about him taking on CNN. For everybody who’s wanted something done about the media, this is what it looks like. For everybody’s who’s complained about “inside-the-Beltway-itis” and how it happens and says we need to drain the swamp or whatever, this is what it looks like.

It was never gonna be pretty. It was never going to appear rational or normal. I mean, this is a huge battle taking place that Donald Trump is waging single-handedly. Now, he’s got his supporters out there, don’t misunderstand. The social media army is out there supporting, and he’s not alone in this. But in terms of electoral politics he pretty much is alone in this, and he continues to take it to them. And they clearly do not know how to deal with Trump.

When I saw this, I was jealous. I was jealous that I didn’t do this. The video of Trump body slamming a CNN logo. I said, “This is great.” Trump didn’t do it. He just retweeted it. But it was clever, it was funny, and it illustrated once again that modern-day journalism and modern-day liberalism have zero sense of humor. The serious outrage that this was met with is highly illustrative of just where modern-day liberalism is and who they really are.

Anyway, greetings, folks, it’s great to have you here, Rush Limbaugh at 800-282-2882, if you want to be on the program and email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

I mean, CNN literally went bat crazy over this. They were acting like this is a direct assault on all members of the media. This is promoting violence against the media. Meanwhile, the only people being shot out there are Republicans. The only people being shot are Republicans, and they are deranged supporters of liberals like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, and they are listening to all the rhetoric that the Drive-By Media, including CNN, is using to make them insane, to rev them up.

Here comes a guy on our side of the aisle using clever satire and parody, putting the CNN logo over the face of Vince McMahon, a video tape of Trump at a Wrestlemania a long time ago, CNN logo. (laughing) CNN can’t take it. CNN goes bonkers, claiming that this is going to cause violence against journalists. Meanwhile, the only violence taking place is against Republicans, and it is with guns, and it’s being perpetrated by deranged followers of left-wing news such as CNN, the New York Times, the Huff and Puffing Post, you name it.

I thought it was hilarious and funny. But it made some people nervous is my point. I saw a lot of people over the weekend and they said, “It’s just not presidential.” I said, “Look, the problem is Trump didn’t start this.” And I reminded every one of these people how every time I’ve talked to them over the years, at one point or another there’s widespread complaining about the media. And there’s always somebody in the group, “Somebody’s gotta do something.” Well, somebody is. And this is what it looks like.

This is exactly what it looks like, whether you’re taking on the media or whether you’re taking on any other branch of the Washington ruling class or establishment. I think while people are aware of the dislike and the unpopularity of establishmentarians of Donald Trump, I don’t think people have a full-fledged correct understanding of the sheer, raw hatred for Trump that they have. And that kind of hatred that they are carrying with them every day is dangerous. It’s destructive. It’s distorting. It is almost dehumanizing in a way.

You can’t just hate consistently and as intensely as they do — CNN, New York Times — without having it affect them, not Trump. Trump is merrily heading on down the path, doing what he’s doing, draining the swamp, meeting with foreign leaders, doing what he’s doing to implement his agenda. And that’s driving them even further crazy. But this episode now of CNN deciding they had to put their investigative unit on the creator of this video and find this guy and intimidate this guy and warn this guy that if he ever does it again, they’re going to publicize who he is and to force an apology.

Who do they think they are? And everybody’s running around looking for an analogy. I’ll give you one. The poor guy that made the Benghazi video that wasn’t a factor. They ended up putting that guy in jail. A guy makes a video that nobody ever saw that Obama and Hillary and the entire Democrat Party use as a means of blaming riots in Benghazi and in Libya, when in fact they were terrorist protests armed and aimed at the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s incompetence. And they slough it off claiming, “Ah, it was a riot that was caused by us. We had this deranged video maker who insulted Islam.” And they went out, they found this guy, they put this guy in jail.

CNN would have put this guy in jail if they could have. Now, to me, this is evidence that CNN’s losing it. This is evidence of the arrogance and the condescension and the attitude that CNN and all the media have of their abject supremacy and superiority. They, in their own minds, can destroy anybody they want. They can go out and say anything about anybody as they have been doing about Trump now for a year. They can make it up. They can lie over and over again.

They can repeat what they know are falsehoods. They can repeat supposed intelligence that is not intelligence. They can create an entirely phony narrative and follow it for a week and nobody’s allowed to criticize that. You turn the criticism on them and they can’t handle it. They can’t even handle being laughed at, much less being seriously criticized. And now they’re applauding themselves for their great investigative work in uncovering and exposing this poor guy who made the video of Donald Trump body slamming the CNN logo. (laughing) Body slamming the logo. Decking the logo!

Now, put yourself… Can you imagine if…? Can you imagine what it takes to be genuinely ticked off about that? And while you think about it, think about all the so-called humor that comes out of the mouths of all the so-called left-wing comedians. And think of the vile, vicious personal destruction and lies that comes out of their mouths. And we’re supposed to laugh at that! We’re supposed to realize that’s just comedy. We’re supposed to realize there’s a First Amendment; anybody can say what they want.

But turn it around on a news network that fewer and fewer people are watching, and look what happens. I’ll tell you folks, this is a teachable moment, and a lot of people are learning. CNN’s doing us, actually, a great favor. A lot of people are learning exactly who they are, what they are, and what liberalism is all about simply by virtue of the fact CNN’s putting it on display. Nobody has to tell anybody anything. This is one of the great things about liberalism in the age of Trump.

We can sit here for 30 years and warn people about it and give them ideas and lessons and teach them how to recognize liberalism and how bad that is. But nothing can substitute for liberals putting all of that on display themselves and acting hysterical and righteous and indignant at the same time. How many times has CNN reported various claims from Democrats that the Republican health care bill will kill millions of people? Just for an example. Some-brain-dead Democrat… Some deranged, filled-with-hatred Democrats (and there are a number of them), run out and claim — including members of the Democrat leadership.

They claim the Republican health care bill — first in the House, then in the Senate — will kill! It will kill, as in murder, 22 million people! So a deranged, left-wing, lunatic Democrat runs around, and CNN smiles and repeats it. CNN exalts and repeats it, and assembles panels and gets experts in there to tell people how it is that the Republicans are gonna murder 22 million people. For how many months has CNN repeated and reported the claims that Trump is a traitor, that Donald Trump stole the election, that Donald Trump worked with our enemies (the Russians) to steal the election from the rightful president, Hillary Clinton?

How much hate has that stirred up? Well, we know, because members of the left who watch that stuff grab guns and go try to shoot Republicans at baseball practice. For CNN to cry and whine and moan like a bunch of Romper Room kids that a comedy video that parodies and satirizes Donald Trump’s tweets about the media is going to result in violence against journalists, while they actually repeat and promote claims that Republicans are going to murder people? It’s worse than hypocrisy.

People tell me all weekend they’re never seen anything like CNN reporting on this guy creating this video, hunting him down, only agreeing to withhold his identity because he bowed to them and apologized and agreed never to do it again. There’s CNN overtly warning everybody else against conducting speech that CNN defines as objectionable and unacceptable, by saying that they will use their full force against him or anybody else to destroy them if they ever again laugh at CNN. How can you not laugh at them?

They’ve become a national joke, and they’re the last ones in on it. They don’t know that most people watching them are laughing at them. They don’t know that most people tune in now to see what the next train wreck’s gonna be. Donald Trump is taking on the American media as so many millions of Americans have longed for, have hoped for, and have wished for — and to some, it looks uncomfortable. It feels uncomfortable. It makes them a little nervous. “I don’t know that it’s presidential.” This is what it looks like, folks, and don’t forget who started it.

Don’t forget who’s been saying all of these vile, revolting things about Trump that are not true. And all the people I know who say, “We can’t sit here and just take it. We have to fight back. The Republicans never fight back. They just sit there and take it.” I myself have offered that critique. Now we’ve got somebody fighting back. We’ve got somebody fighting back at the media, and not just CNN. We got somebody fighting back against the Washington establishment. Of course they’re acting like stuck pigs, because this is what it looks like.

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