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RUSH: Here is Pat. Pat’s in Cincinnati. Great to have you, sir. How are you doing?

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Dittos from Cincinnati here. I’ve been listening since 1988.

RUSH: Another question, will there be a North Korea by Friday?

CALLER: (laughing) There will. There will. Just wanted to make the point. I was trying to think of a Democrat equivalent to the Trump video, something the Democrats put out. And what I came up with I thought was a lot more violent, was the Paul Ryan pushing granny over the cliff video.

RUSH: Exactly. In fact, that is an excellent point. You remember this, folks? The Republicans were opposing Obamacare and offering their own health care suggestions or whatever, and I forget what year. It’s obviously the last seven or eight years. The Democrats created a commercial to run against Paul Ryan and the Republicans in which the Republicans and Ryan were pushing granny in a wheelchair off the cliff to die on the rocks and sand below. And they said this is what the Republicans want to do, kill granny.

And CNN assembles their panel discussions, and the New York Times assembles their opinion writers, and they all talk about the brilliant stratagem that the Democrats have concocted here to illustrate the Draconian Republican health care proposal. There isn’t a syllable, there’s not a syllable of criticism of that ad anywhere on the left from any Democrat, from anybody in the media, not a single. And yet let Mitt Romney put the family in a station wagon, head out on vacation with a dog on the roof, and we all remember what happened.

Or how about when Romney supposedly bullied some effeminate guy at prep school? Remember that? It’s clearly a two-way street. What the media is forgetting, or maybe not acknowledging it, they long for the days when they had their monopoly, when it was only ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN and the Washington Post, New York Times, and I think some days they still act like that.

They do things, say things, report things as though there isn’t anybody out there that disagrees watching, can expose the lies, the literal lies that now compromise way too much of a portion of what is called the news every day. And it is assumed that the left wing owns social media, and I don’t think that’s true either. Just like the left wing did not win the election in November, the left wing does not own social media. That’s another one of these myths that we are just supposed to accept, but this guy that did the Trump parody of Trump body slamming the CNN logo, he’s not on the left.

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