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RUSH: So Trump’s embarking on another international trip this week. He’s gonna go to Poland. Poland does not have a refugee crisis ’cause they don’t allow any. They do not have a terrorism crisis in Poland because they don’t allow any refugees or illegal immigration from Islamic countries. They got zilch, zero, nada.

And apparently Poland loves Trump. They are preparing one of the most stellar welcoming ceremonies a visiting president has ever received anywhere. They can’t wait for Trump to get there. And after Trump leaves Poland, guess what? He’s gonna go talk to the G20, and then he’s gonna have a side meeting with Putin. (laughing) Can you imagine what this is gonna do to the media? (laughing)

What if Trump’s meeting with Putin is to plot the final destruction? What if the purpose of Trump’s meeting is to plot the final destruction of the Democrat Party? Well, we know that Trump worked with Putin to defeat Hillary. We know that Trump colluded with the Russians. We know that the Russians tampered with voting machines. We know all this because the media — well, they can’t say that about the voting machines because it isn’t true. (interruption) I know they’re gonna take it seriously. This is the fun of it. I am openly taunting them here.

I am telling them up front, “Hey, media, I’m taunting you. I’m laughing at you. I’m making fun of you.” What if Trump meets with Putin — after all, what was the 2016 election? Where is the Democrat Party today? They cannot win elections. The media is the power organizing force of the American left today, not the Democrat Party. They can’t win skunk. They cannot win anything.

They are even having an intramural fight in California. Mainstream Democrats, which are uber-leftists, are opposing the communists in the Democrat Party. It’s all over single-payer health care. But what if the real reason for the meeting is for Trump and Putin to complete the mission? The final destruction.

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