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RUSH: This from the U.K. Independent. “World Has Three Years to Prevent Dangerous Climate Change, Warn Experts — Since the 1880s, the world’s temperature has risen by about 1C because of greenhouse gases resulting from human activity.” Do you know what happened off the coast of North Carolina this week? Well, I don’t know if it actually happened this week. It was discovered this week. You know what happened? A new island. A new sandbar just popped up out of nowhere. It’s next to a known island, but out of nowhere they noticed there’s a brand-new — and it’s not a sandbar.

I misspoke. It’s an actual miniature little island, and it just popped up out of nowhere. The experts said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute, this not supposed to happen. The sea level is supposed to be rising. We’re not supposed to have new islands popping up here.” I can’t recall if they’ve named this thing. It’s obviously not inhabited yet, although there is animal and plant life on this thing after not very long a period. I mean, apparently this thing just popped out of the ocean. Go figure. Not supposed to happen.

So we’ve got three years now. The world has three years to start making significant reductions in greenhouse — How many years, let’s see, starting in 1980 we had 20, and then when this program started in 1988 we had 10. We had 10 years to save the oceans, Ted Danson. We had 10 years to save the planet. And then in 2006, Algore said we had 10 years to stop global warming or it would be the end of the planet and civilization, and those 10 years came and went about two years ago.

We had an Algore-10-year countdown clock at RushLimbaugh.com. We monitored the progress every day. And the population kept growing, landmasses did not shrink, ice kept expanding in North and South Pole. Nothing that Algore said was accurate. And now we’re back to three years. So we have three years before we have to face the prospect of really bad climate change. And, by the way, they’re back to using “global warming.” You know, they do that in the summer. In the winter it’s “climate change.” When we get to the summer they call it “global warming.” So now we’re back to using “global warming.”

I thought we’d be dead by now. I’ve been living my life as though it’s on borrowed time because of what these people have said. I’m feeling a sigh of relief now that we got three more years, and I intend to get the most out of them, folks, by working as many of those days in the three years as I can.

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