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RUSH: Here’s Phillip in Atlanta. You’re next. Great to have you the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s an honor to speak with you, and I really appreciate everything you do and for standing up for what’s right.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: On my Facebook page, I have a lot of conservative articles that come up, and in reading one of those there was a cartoon showing a couple sitting on the couch talking about the three people that had to resign from CNN because they ignored journalistic standards. But I couldn’t see the whole thing so I clicked on it and Facebook had it banned or blocked it because of “malicious content.” I went to the actual site to see it, and basically the husband said he couldn’t believe that it happened, and then the wife said, “Well, I can’t believe CNN has journalistic standards.” So they’re censoring the ad.

RUSH: Well, that would offend Facebook people. Absolutely.


RUSH: You know, I saw something that’s literally… Stop and think of this now. Facebook… What’s the population of the world? Six billion. Do you know that Facebook now has two billion users? Two billion. And Zuckerberg wants now to start a TV network like Netflix. He wants start producing his own content and distributing it, stream content like Netflix does. Everybody’s wanting to get into this. There are people paying attention to what Zuckerberg’s doing who think he’s setting up a run for the presidency in 2020 or 2024. He is publicly saying he wants every human being on earth signed into Facebook, and there’s no question that has a left-wing tilt to it. What you say doesn’t surprise me. What kind of content did they call that?

CALLER: They said it was “malicious content.”

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: It was on the Federalist Papers website.

RUSH: That’s a great, great website. The malicious content was that somebody was making fun of CNN. You can’t do that on Facebook, I guess. But there’s nothing malicious about it. It’s just that’s part and parcel of the media. “We are constitutional. You can’t criticize us! To criticize us is to criticize the Constitution. You can’t do that.” That kind of mind-set infuriates me like I can’t describe.

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