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RUSH: Here is the Flynn story. John Solomon, Sara Carter. They’re doing some of the greatest journalism, I mean just straight down the middle journalism that anybody is doing today. Solomon’s a former AP reporter and a former editor at the Washington Times. The headline of the story: “Did the FBI Retaliate Against Michael Flynn by Launching Russia Probe?”

In a nutshell, here’s what this story is. In 2014, Michael Flynn backed up a sexual discrimination charge brought by a female special agent in the FBI against Andrew McCabe, who is the current acting director of the FBI. He was number two to Comey. He should have recused himself from all of this long ago because his wife ran for office in Virginia and he took money or she took money from the governor there, from the Democrat Party. He’s obviously tainted, should have recused himself, has not done so.

So in 2014 Michael Flynn backed up a sex discrimination charge brought by a female special agent in the FBI against McCabe and other top people at the FBI. And, voila, two years later Flynn is the subject of a McCabe-led FBI investigation about how he supposedly colluded with the Russian ambassador. There are details coming up as we are just getting started.


RUSH: Now, frankly, this would not surprise me at all if this is true. Because the Flynn thing hasn’t ever made any sense. The Flynn story has always been a gotcha to me. He was on the transition team. It would make perfect sense he’s talking to the Russian ambassador. The only thing Flynn did really was lie to Mike Pence about when he had made the call, what he had said on it. There were never any allegations he had discussed lifting the sanctions. He hadn’t done anything of the sort. Nobody can really find anything Flynn did, except they don’t like him.

He was one of the early supporters of Trump. He worked for Obama during the Obama years as the head of Defense Intelligence Agency, which is the Pentagon’s version of the CIA, and he was, you know, just pedal-to-the-metal for Trump. And his name was unmasked after the NSA was surveilling the Russian ambassador and any other bad actor from Russia, as they do constantly, not just for this particular episode. And to me the Flynn thing has always seemed kind of odd and weird.

Trump was forced to fire him, but honestly, folks, to me there never seemed to be a “there” there. And yet tons and tons of pages were filled with words and words and words about the intricacies of the story and what Flynn had done. And then John Solomon and Sara Carter uncover this little nugget that in 2014 Michael Flynn — let me try it a different way. A female special agent in the FBI accused Andrew McCabe and other top people of sexual harassment. Andrew McCabe, the current head of the FBI, while we wait for the confirmation of the appointee, and he was Comey’s number two.

And as I say, he should have recused himself many times over in all this investigation because of the involvement of his wife in Democrat Party politics. Running for office in New Jersey. But he didn’t recuse himself. And McCabe has been all over this story. The first instance that I became aware of Andrew McCabe was when his wife was running for office, taking money from the Democrats. The next time was this controversial meeting supposedly with Reince Priebus.

Now, the story was reported that Priebus went to McCabe and said, “You’ve gotta tell the media that the stuff they’re writing isn’t true. All these leaks are not true.” This is back in January. What had happened was Priebus was at the White House in his office down the hall from the Oval Office, and McCabe walked in, started talking to him and said (paraphrasing), “Hey, Reince, by the way, we know this stuff in the paper, all this stuff from the embeds and unnamed source, we know it’s not true.”

And Priebus said, “What good does that do me?” And then the word leaked, probably from McCabe, that Priebus had asked McCabe to go public with it, and that story ran. And the way the story appeared was Priebus asks the FBI to lie about the status of Trump investigation. It’s in the same vein as Comey telling everybody that Trump wasn’t under investigation except us, the American people, but everybody in Washington knew it for three months.

It’s the same way here. McCabe hold Priebus pack in January, “We know all these stories are BS” but wouldn’t go public with it and then tried to shift the blame to Priebus for asking McCabe to lie about it. So that’s where I first heard of McCabe. So Solomon and Carter at Circa News uncover this little tidbit that a sexual harassment charge brought by a female FBI agent against McCabe and other top people at the FBI in 2014, and, voila, two years later Michael Flynn happens to end up being the subject of a McCabe-led FBI investigation of collusion with the Russians.

And all supposedly because Flynn had some phone calls with that fat Russian ambassador, which was Flynn’s job as part of the transition team and for which, by the way, Flynn was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing by the FBI. We have audio on this. This is back in 2015, April ’15 on NPR, a program called All Things Considered. During a report about former FBI agent Robyn Gritz’s lawsuit against the FBI for gender discrimination, the correspondent here, Carrie Johnson, spoke with then former defense intelligence agency director, Michael Flynn, about the woman. And here’s a portion of her report.

JOHNSON: Retired lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who led the Defense Intelligence Agency, worked closely with Gritz to find terrorists overseas. He says it’s a shame the FBI let go of someone with years of national security experience.

FLYNN: She was one of the really, to me, bright lights and shining stars early on that sort of got it when it came to the kind of enemy that we’re facing, and I just thought that she was really a real pro.

JOHNSON: Gritz, now 46 years old, had to sell her home and move in with her parents. The FBI yanked her security clearance and she thinks they’ve been blackballing her for jobs in the field.

RUSH: And this is related to a sexual harassment charge against McCabe and so forth. Now, folks, you know the way it is with sexual harassment, any other time the woman is always believed. It’s just the way our culture is right now. A woman charges sexual harassment, the first thing to do is believe it and proceed on an investigation from that standpoint. Except here in this case.

Apparently she was not believed, and there was no support for her from anywhere except from Flynn. She ends up being fired, her security clearance pulled, she ends up without a job, living back at home with mom and dad. Flynn is defending her against he’s allegations. Voila, two years later, Flynn’s under investigation by the FBI for supposedly colluding with the Russians.

So you tell me. Something like this to me makes far more sense than a vastly made up and unprovable story about Flynn colluding with the Russians. I mean, the guy is a super patriot, number one. He is a full-fledged super patriot. He would not sell out the United States to the Russian ambassador for anything. That’s his public image.

So they tried to take Flynn out, and it could well be that it’s nothing more than payback for Flynn deciding to support the woman against the sexual discrimination, not harassment, sexual discrimination charges. She was discriminated sexually, not given a promotion, not given fair opportunity at the FBI because of her sex, because of her gender. Not sexual harassment. Sexual discrimination. Flynn backed her up. And that’s something nobody knows and here’s this guy McCabe behind the scenes, he’s the number two and it’s the way to exact a little revenge. You never know.

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