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RUSH: Is Mitch McConnell this smart? I have a theory for you. Is Mitch McConnell this strategic? Does he care this much? Try this thought. Did Mitch McConnell put a Trojan bill, Trojan horse in front of the CBO? In other words, did he purposely write a bill that would create this CBO score? “Your bill is going to cost $22 billion and cost 400 million lives” or whatever it says. So that he could learn why and how they scored it the way they did. Once the CBO scores it then McConnell goes back to the drawing board. They have to provide the math. CBO, when they present their score, they have to present their formulas for having shown how they arrive at the number.

So McConnell, once the CBO scores that Trojan horse bill, can write a bill according to their math, that they have to score positively. Does McConnell think that way, do you believe? I’m throwing this out as a possibility. Could it be what we’re dealing with here? Could McConnell purposely have written a bill that would get this score with this methodology so as to find out how they were gonna score things, what their math was gonna be, and then take that and write a new bill and dare them to come up with the same score and thus expose what the CBO is doing?

I’m just throwing it out. The flaw is the CBO’s never gonna score anything favorable for the Republicans. What if McConnell can expose that, though? What if the Trojan bill exposes that the CBO is not nonpartisan? Does he even want to do that? You know, these guys swear by the CBO. Look, you know me, Mr. Optimistic, I’m just looking on the bright side. I know it seems out of character, but I’ve never believed the CBO is nonpartisan, never.

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