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RUSH: This is actually funny. The media is focused on the fact that the Supreme Court’s gonna hear the travel ban case in October. They’re not focusing on the fact that the court upheld it. It’s amazing. I’m watching CNN during the break, and CNN grudgingly discussing that, yes, the court has upheld the travel ban, but they’re gonna hear the case in October. CNN holding out the possibility that the Supreme Court will side with the Ninth Circuit in affirming the ban’s unconstitutional.

It’s the exact opposite of what is going to happen. As I so brilliantly theorized mere moments ago, the court may not even ever hear this case. This case might be moot by the time October shows up. You know why? The travel ban has a life span of 90 days or 120. It’s either three or four months. The purpose of the travel ban is not the travel ban. The purpose of the ban is to prevent massive immigration by refugees and others while new vetting procedures are explored, concocted, and implemented. And the travel ban anticipates 90 to 120 days to do that.

So at the end of the 90-day ban, theoretically the new vetting procedures would then be implemented, and this case is over with. So the court may have brilliantly postponed this or delayed it to the future at that point where it will be irrelevant and they will never have to hear the case.

But the Drive-Bys are holding on to the last shred of hope because, folks, they cannot stand Trump winning. They just can’t. And Trump is doing a lot of that lately, either in truth or in perception. And of course in Washington, perception is reality.

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