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RUSH: The Senate Judiciary Committee is finally looking into the possibility of collusion, but nothing to do with Trump.

On Friday, Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley released a statement. It cited an April New York Times story about the FBI getting a batch of hacked documents. One of those documents came from a Democrat operative who expressed confidence that Attorney General Loretta Lynch would keep the Clinton email investigation from going too far.

The Justice Department ignored a request from the Judiciary Committee to see that email. But the Washington Post independently reported the operative in question was none other than Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz.  Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz reportedly emailed someone at a George Soros organization. The message: Attorney General Loretta Lynch had given private assurances to a Hillary Clinton campaign staffer that the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton would not be allowed to go too far.

We know Loretta Lynch took a meeting with Bill Clinton on an out-of-the-way airport tarmac. That was right before  Comey delivered the news that Hillary would not be prosecuted for mishandling classified data, running a private email server, and deleting tens of thousands of emails that should have been examined as part of the investigation.

If the truth ever comes out the Democrats are gonna rue the day they ever screamed about collusion, because they colluded.

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