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RUSH: Here’s Virgil in Sidney, Ohio, as we head down the tracks here on Open Line Friday. Welcome, Virgil.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Hey, mega dittos, and thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: Hey, it may be individuals such as myself that explain why the polls are often wrong. When I get a call from a pollster, I have been a black female… I’m a 67-year-old white male, by the way, conservative.

RUSH: Wait a minute. You tell them that you’re a black female and they…?

CALLER: Well, these are the calls where you punch the buttons.

RUSH: Oh, okay. You’re talking to a automated program, okay.

CALLER: Right. So I’ve been a black female, a white female, a young white male, and I always tell them —

RUSH: Have you been a transgender yet? That’s for fun than a —

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: You should try that. When you punch the button as a transgender, the world changes in ways that —

CALLER: I’m not sure that was ever a choice.

RUSH: It’s temporary. Go for it!

CALLER: (laughing) If your aim is to screw up with the pollsters.

CALLER: Ah. I will. I will do that next time.

RUSH: You know what we saw, Virgil, was in George, a Democrat pollster… This was the day following the Pajama Boy defeat. The Democrat pollsters said (paraphrased), “The problem was that we couldn’t find our voters. We couldn’t find and identify ’em ’cause too many of ’em are still living at home with their parents.” (chuckling) They didn’t have their own phones. They were still using Mommy and Daddy’s landlines or whatever, so they couldn’t find them.

But the story he’s reacting to is that every election — one of these special elections or even the presidential race back in November — there is this massive Election Day turnout of Republican voters that no pollster has yet captured. There’s only a couple polls that have been right. One of them is IBD and I forget what the other, but the vast majority of them are oversampling Democrats and they missed the presidential race by three to six points and they missed… Well, they had Ossoff down by two on the last day, which proved my theory.

Preelection polls, the farther out they are, the worse they are. The closer to the election you get, the more the pollster has to try to be honest for his own reputation. But there is this group of Republican voters. We’re not talking polls. We’re talking actual elections. They show up and they was not been accounted for, and nobody knows where they’re coming from. Do you realize how bogus that is? They’re just… They’re human beings, they’re voters, they live in the district and the pollsters claim they can’t find ’em, and the media claims they don’t know who they are. So they’re portrayed as this secretive monster group out there that shows up out of nowhere, which is just patently absurd.

They’re the same as anybody else that lives in the district. It’s just they’re ignored.

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